Curlversary Update ❤️

Above is one of my favorite photos.
That one I use whenever I need to remind people that I've had long hair almost all my life... tinopak lang nung December 2017 pero hindi na ulit pinahaba for the past two years.

Taken during our trip to Sumilon Island, Cebu in February 2017. 

Hair before cutting it short for CGM

10th month in CGM link: here.

I posted an update in September 'cause that was the anniversary of my introduction to this but I started November so for the process, this month is my anniversary. 

Not a lot of people would be able to relate why seeing my hair improve because of CGM is a big deal to me and to the other ladies who are members of the group as well. There's a kilig feeling in learning to love and accept your insecurities. I hated my natural hair before especially whenever people tell me "Mahangin ba sa labas?" or "Pugad ng ibon ba buhok mo?" Sobrang kapal, haba at buhaghag kaya ang laki-laki tignan. Ngayon, work that hair volume, sis! 😂 Maganda naman kasi.

Photo collage of my face and hair per month for the past twelve months below so... ginagawa kasi talaga 'to nung mga members sa group kapag anniversary nila pero nahihiya nga ako. hahahahaha

November 2019

*First Haircut

I initially wanted a trim but I thought that I'd save on conditioner costs if I had shorter hair so I had it cut to shoulder length.

This month was the most challenging month, tbh. I needed to read the units for several times since they were really confusing for beginners. Anong s2c? low poo? protein? non-protein? 😅😅😅

Aside from not knowing which products work and don't work on my hair, I "needed" to purchase a lot of products and stuff that are CGA so initially - the switch was kinda magastos (more on this at the end of this post 'cause my current routine is simplified and budget-friendly na). Also after the final wash, you'd see the real state/health of your hair so iniisip ko pa dati pano kaya kung ipa-rebond ko na lang ulit? Parang hopeless na siya! Hahaha. I'm more than happy I stayed and documented the progress though. Selfie everyday. Oh, diba? Hindi naman ggss para sa CGM documentation lang po. 😂

December 2019

It got a lot worse before it got better.

Hair was unruly on most days but nothing a hairclip would fix. My rebonded hair was dyed so you'd see where the treated hair ends and where the natural hair begins. I was still not used to my hair looking like this so going out was making me conscious sometimes.

January 2020

You know the funny thing that I was overthinking that month? 
Paano 'yung buhok ko sa gala? sa bundok? sa beach? sa out-of-the-country? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Lower left photo was taken in Korea and my hair looked good and tamed in winter weather so it wasn't a problem but yeah, useless problem kasi 'yun na rin naman na 'yung last gala ko for 2020. HAHAHA! Hay nakoooo. The twists and turns of life talaga.

February 2020
*Second Haircut

I had the back part of my hair cut shorter because they're the most damaged but maintained the length of the front and side parts. 

March 2020


Well, we all know the struggles of ECQ so this was the month when I didn't pay much attention to my hair - the documentation continued though. Start na rin 'to ng walang ayos days that continues until now.

Anong lipstick? bb cream? face powder? Uso pa ba 'yon? 🤦🏻‍♀️😂

April 2020

I've had good hair days but couldn't go out so that was a bummer. Although as you can see, hindi talaga ko curly everyday. 

May 2020 
All of a sudden, hair looked long.
Whenever I see it then, all I can think of was having a haircut. 

June 2020

I was starting to go out again. The first time that I went out of the house since March. Going out back then, I didn't tie my hair and I also wore dangling earrings. HAHA! Soon, I read somewhere that it's safer to go out in a bun so after nito, lagi na lang akong nakatali at walang earrings.

July 2020
*Third Haircut

I slept at a friend's house and a hairstylist came so I had him cut my hair as well - back to shoulder length but I failed to mention that I wanted a layered haircut so alam mo na... :))) Kailangan ng isa pa. 

August 2020

This was the month when I was frequently going out again. You'd notice that compare to the curl pattern that I've had in July, the curls were looser in August since tying the hair up in a bun stretches the curl pattern. 

September 2020
*Fourth Haircut

Layered haircut - naputol na lahat ng rebonded hair ko. The two photos above are taken on a very rare good hair day. :))) 

October 2020

I think it's more proper to say now that I am amazed at how my hair looks different every single day. And what's more amazing? During those days when it looks so unkempt and frizzy, I couldn't care less.

November 2020

I still don't even know what it wants and what it's going to be every wash day - curly, wavy, straight, buhaghag, bahala na siya sa buhay niya. 

My hair today. 
Kaya ngayon ko 'to ginawa kasi good hair day. ❤️

All I know is that I'm happy that I joined CGM a year ago 'cause I think more than my hair health improving, it's my appreciation and acceptance of my natural hair that matters the most - kahit good or bad hair day pa 'yan. I won't be posting a CGM update as frequent as I do now since wala naman na talaga kong masabi after the 10th month update but I documented my hair for the whole year for this post so tinuloy ko pa rin. I might pala after six months or whenever the growth is noticeable already. 

It will take me a year or two or more to grow my hair back to this length. I don't even know if I'll be comfortable in having hair this long again but I really want to give it a try. 

Okay, Tintin. 
Long wavy black hair tayo in a year or two. Huwag kang magpapa-tempt sa drastic haircut and hair color muna! Be patienttttttt. HAHAHA! 

All of the products above are CGA.
You may not know the terms if you're not familiar with CGM.

Co-wash - Johnson's Active Kids Conditioner (Protein)
Low Poo - HHN Mandarin Shampoo (Protein Free)
S2C - Suave's Cherry Blossom or Waterfall Mist (Protein Free)
Deep Con - Keraplus (Protein) I hope they manufacture a bigger size.
Leave On - HHN Vanilla Conditioner (Protein Free)

I don't use stylers 'cause I find them sticky. I rinse all the products after S2C and I apply a little bit of HHN Vanilla Conditioner mixed with water as a leave on after wet plopping. 

Now, going back on my first month in CGM, my current routine isn't expensive and time-consuming. I stopped wanting to try new products since these are working sa'kin. Ngayon, mas matipid na 'yung routine compared to how I was with hair products before I did CGM. 

CGM Update: 12

Angkot Wat
Siem Reap, Cambodia 

Everything, in time. 💖

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