Updated Skincare and CGM Products (My HG's)

 This is an updated skincare routine/products list 'cause I've been asked a couple of times already. The first one I made was in 2012 and then updated it in 2017. 

2012 and 2017 - Products used for skincare routine + travel essentials.

My Skin: Sensitive, Oily but can be dry and flaky when I'm out of the country especially during winter

Concerns: Hormonal Acne, PIH & PIE, dark marks, visible pores (cheeks and nose), MASKNE, di ko malaman pero parang meron ng fine lines sa under eyes (isipin ko na lang na sa kakatawa ko 'yon HAHA!)

Ingredients my skin has had negative reactions to: Essential Oils (especially tea tree oil), silicone, ceramides (too heavy), ferments, and vitamin C.

Note: May autofilter/blurring 'yung phone camera ko. HAHAHA! At IG filter lang 'yung upper left photo kasi hindi naman ako marunong mag apply ng make-up. I'm thankful and kilig to those who notice that my skin's looking good and healthy. Sulit naman pala lahat ng gastos! Char! HAHA!

Anyway, I stopped using DIY products on my face. I stopped obsessing over my visible pores (kaya wala na kong pore fillers/primers) and have accepted that pores and textured skin are normal. I like doing my skincare routine for prevention because as I've mentioned, my skin is sensitive and I develop acne often.

Reddit's r/AsianBeauty and r/SkincareAddiction are good sources if you don't know where to start. I also follow board certified doctors/dermatologists in Twitter such as The Skin Sensei and The Nerdy Derma. In Instagram, I enjoy the contents of SkinChemy.

I can't decide which is the best way to present the products that I use so the photos can be a bit confusing. Also, please note that most items below are either Korean or Japanese products. Why? Sa Korea lang ako nakakabili dati kasi masaya mag shopping pag nandon. All of these can be purchased here in PH though. 😆

You may purchase skincare products here: Althea Korea - They ship from South Korea. 😍


AM Routine: (Pandemic)

Toner (this is not a necessary step according to some but I like it in mine)

Oil Blotting Paper and Lip Balm with SPF

A good cleanser, moisturizer, and sunscreen are all you need for a proper skincare routine. But if you want to add more steps to target specific skin concerns, you may. I decided to stick with the basic because my skin doesn't like it either when I put a lot of products for my AM routine but I spot treat for PM. Although I'm looking forward to purchasing The Ordinary's Niacinamide (to help fade acne scars) and Caffeine Solution (eye cream) pala but they're kinda pricey so I'm still reading reviews about them.

PM Routine: (Pandemic)

Cleansing Oil 
Gel Cleanser
Spot Treatment
Lip Balm

I've been using Innisfree's Green Tea Foam Cleanser for years - gusto ko lang kasi green tea. I bought Low PH Good Morning Gel Cleanser last January but I didn't like it then because of the strong tea tree fragrance. 

During my acne breakout because of wearing face masks, I researched about it and read somewhere that cleansers with Salicylic Acid may help lessen the inflammation. So I decided to use COSRX on days when I wear face mask, and Innisfree when I don't.

I won't be repurchasing this gel cleanser but I'll try Hada Labo's Japanese Green Tea Extract Facial Wash (kasi nga green tea) or Senka's Perfect Whip Acne Care.

I wash my face two to four times a day - when I wake up (Dove bar), shower (Dove bar), remove sunscreen kasi we dance zumba almost every night kaya I remove my sunscreen before that. HAHAHA! (oil + foam cleanser), shower especially pag pawis (Dove bar). This might be too much for some especially for those with dry skin but works for me. 

I'm not particular with Cleansing Oils because it doesn't stay on my face for too long anyway. I just want something that emulsifies well and has a large volume 'cause of the cost. P 300.00 ata 'yang 500 ML na Cleansing Oil sa Don Quijote nung nasa Fukuoka kami. Almost a year of use pero hindi ko pa naubos.

Cleansing Oils are essentials 'cause I do the double cleansing method to properly remove the sunscreen at night.

Aside from the AM Routine, I used to put BB Cream, face powder, and lipsticks back when face masks aren't the normal yet. 'Yan na ko everyday pag lumalabas dati with earrings pala. Hehe

Above is my pandemic travel essentials

 I no longer wear lipsticks, bb cream, and face powder to prevent breakouts. Moisturizer and Sunscreen na lang. Kaya na ng oil blotting paper ang oiliness ng face so far. 

Once a week, above is my PM Routine because I put clay mask on my face. 

Adapted from Fiddy Snail's Skin Gritting Method. I decided not to purchase a BHA essence yet and just use Two In One Poreless Power Liquid kasi may BHA din naman. Ubusin ko muna 'to. 

Method: BHA - Clay Mask - Oil Cleanser

While I don't like using sachets, I have no choice because the regular size of the Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask 2X dry fast so I'm not able to maximize the product in the jar - natutuyo na bago ko pa maubos. E 'yang sachet, isang sachet para sa isang gamit so mas okay. That pink Ampoule is a Sleeping Mask. I bought on a whim in Korea but I won't repurchase. I don't think I need sleeping masks na, dinadamihan ko na lang nung Balancing Lotion kung kakatapos lang mag exfoliate.

When I wash my face in the morning, I alternate these three products kasi inuubos ko lang. Binili ko 'yung Muji kasama nung Oil Cleanser sa taas - hindi ko rin alam kung bakit ko 'to binili. Haha!

Celeteque Hydration is a good gel based moisturizer and it's from a local brand. If you're not used to applying products on your face but wants to start putting moisturizer, okay 'yan. Parang tubig lang at hindi malagkit. Also, it retails at around 200 php for a 100 ML container kaya pwedeng pwede na. Ito ang alternative ko sa Innisfree Balancing Lotion. Mas gusto lang 'yon dahil sa green tea siguro? HAHAHA. ADIK?!

Might repurchase Hada Labo's Premium Lotion though because I like the feel of it when I put it on my face.


Biore Watery Gel was my Holy Grail for years. It is easy to purchase here in PH and it does the job. Saka, ang mura niya kasi sa Japan, halos kalahati ata presyo kaya nag bulk buying na ko last year. 😂 However, I discovered 
Nivea Sun Super Water Gel which is cheaper and doesn't have a white cast as well so I'm sticking with it when I empty my Biore. 

A'pieu Pure Block is my travel sunscreen. It's a bit oily (for PH) but perfect for when my skin is feeling dry because of the cold weather. Innisfree naman ay inuubos ko lang din and I use it whenever I need to care of my dogs since this is water resistant. For daily use, I don't like it because it has a white cast

I don't reapply sunscreens. If lumalabas ako ng morning ng hindi pa naliligo, okay na ko don sa tatlong nasa taas lang kasi alam mo na, okay din naarawan minsan for Vitamin D pero for the rest of the day, kailangan may SPF na. Hindi naman ako 'yung sobrang iwas sa araw saka hindi ka naman makakaiwas totally kung gala kang kagaya ko. HAHA! Nakasanayan ko na lang din. 


Body scrub night usually kasabay nung clay mask.

Lotions after shower.

The bar I use to clean my face and body is Dove. Every after day shower, I use serum with SPF. I'm not into whitening products and I don't think Extra White Serum lightened my skin even after years of continuous use - hindi lang kasi malagkit 'yung serum at madalas mag buy one, take one.

I'm not particular with the lotion I use at night but so far, I'm loving those two from Nivea as well mainly because of the scents. Mag online ka na lang din para hindi ka na bumili ng regular price kasi madalas B1T1. HAHAHA! Looking forward to buying my night lotion from St. Ives kapag naubos 'yang dalawa. Meron kasi last time na nakasale P 200+ for 600 ML product na kaso naka-order na ko sa Nivea.


All of the products above are CGA.
You may not know the terms if you're not familiar with CGM.

Co-wash - Johnson's Active Kids Conditioner (Protein)
Low Poo - HHN Mandarin Shampoo (Protein Free)
S2C - Suave's Cherry Blossom or Waterfall Mist (Protein Free)
Deep Con - Keraplus (Protein) I hope they manufacture a bigger size.
Leave On - HHN Vanilla Conditioner (Protein Free)

I don't use stylers 'cause I find them sticky. I rinse all the products after S2C and I apply a little bit of HHN Vanilla Conditioner mixed with water as a leave on after wet plopping. 


Also, I use satin pillowcases when I sleep. I've had someone who noticed that I don't change pillow cases daw kasi laging red when I upload video chat screenshots/ photos sa My Day. Walang ganon, Mars! Nagpapalit ako kaso red satin lahat ng pillow cases ko kaya mukhang hindi. HAHAHA! 


I love Bath And Body Works body mists. 
Kung hindi pa ba obvious and itong apat 'yung gusto ko.

Favorite is Japanese Cherry Blossom kaya may maliit. 

And I just noticed this when I was taking the photos na ayon nga... hahaha! Itong tatlo 'yung scents that I like the most. 

Water - Rose - Cherry Blossom

Holy Grails
I've lost count on how many times I've repurchased the products above.

Innisfree's No Sebum Mineral Powder
Etude House's Wonder Pore Toner
Dove Beauty Bar (Dove Girl for more than a decade na!)
Pretty Secret's Oil Blotting Paper

Innisfree's Green Tea Balancing Lotion (face and neck moisturizer)
Nivea Body Serums with SPF
Benzac for Spot Treatment

Not in the photo set but I'm loving a lot these days: Laneige's Lip Sleeping Mask in Berry

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