Product Review: Benton Airfit UV Defense Sun Cream

Benton Airfit UV Defense Sun Cream

SPF 50
Satin Finish
No whitecast
For all skin types

This product has a mint colored tube as a packaging and the product itself is also of that color. 

This is my go-to sunscreen for whenever I like an "aromotherapy morning." This has an herbal minty scent but all natural because it has rosemary essential oil as an ingredient. The scent is quite strong - you'd smell it as soon as you squeeze the product out of the tube but it doesn't linger and disappears as you apply it on the skin. I was intending to pair this with Benton's Aloe Propolis Soothing Gel but a few applications later, I decided to use it on its own since it's already moisturizing so I don't have to use moisturizer anymore. It's light and not sticky. Glides effortlessly and easily spread on the skin.

For those with oily skin types like me, it kind of looks dewy but it was able to control the oiliness of my face for a few hours even during a hot day. For those with dry skin types, this will leave a dewy satin finish. I am able to reapply this product as well. It doesn't feel sticky as long as I use an oil control film beforehand. 

Some products with essential oil irritate my skin and I feel a stinging sensation but I didn't experience that with Benton Airfit Defense Sun Cream. For people with sensitive skin and sensitive nose, however, the minty feeling and scent can be off putting. 

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