Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Bohol 2017: 2nd Day at Henann, Alona Beach, Panglao

We opted to skip on any tours since we were staying in Henann. Chill chill lang. There are a lot of things to do there anyway. 

After having breakfast, we rested for a while and decided to use the rest of the morning swimming in almost all the pools of Henann. Haha! Ang dami kasi! 

I'll just be showing you pictures: 

Luh may dimple ako underwater. :))

Henann's Pool Bar

Suddenly feel thirsty while swimming? Inumin ang pool water. Duh. Haha. You can order drinks at the bar and just have them charge at your room. Very convenient.

Sa lahat ng sulok ata, may picture ako ah. :))

Sariling sikap mag self-timer, bes. 

Towels are available at the pool area. You just have to give them your room number and log. Here's to hoping na 'yung ginamit na towel ni Jonghyun ng CNBlue nung nagpunta siya sa Henann ay 'yung ginamit ko rin dun. HAHAHA!!! Kasi naman Lee Jonghyun, di ka pa sumabay sa'kinnnnnnnnnn!

Uyyy, may naka-quota sa picture taking. :))

Check out time took long because there are a lot of people checking-out as well. As soon as they processed ours though, we decided to walk around the resort again. 

The tricycle who took us to Henann was also the tricycle that picked us up. I had kuya's number but I impulsively deleted all the contacts of my phone. 

Wag ako, Solaire. </3 HAHAHAHA. Kakamiss naman maglaro. Wala pang budget ehh. Soon! Charu

Monday, May 8, 2017

Bohol 2017: Breakfast Buffet at Henann Resort, Panglao

These are pictures from the buffet spread in Henann Resort, Alona, Panglao

I just feel like showing you these pictures :)))

There are two restaurants there where you can eat your breakfast, we wanted to eat at the one nearer the beach but... temptation to eat here was great. HAHAHA. This was near our room. Okay lang naman. Wag na beach view, pagkain view na lang :))

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Bohol 2017: Bilar Manmade Forest, Sipatan Hanging Bridge

Bohol 2017: Chill Morning and Pasalubong Hunting

Since we have to transfer to Panglao Island for Henann, we decided to allocate our second morning in Bohol for some souvenir shopping. I don't know. It's probably because I got used to places where there are specific places where you can go souvenir shopping that I kind of got lost in Bohol... or it's simply because we didn't look for that kind of place enough. 

We asked for the place where we can go and buy souvenir and we were brought to this mall. Was it our fault for not seeing the souvenir shops... but we weren't able to buy any. But I remember those times when Julie's bakeshop opened near our home and almost every afternoon, I'll buy those bread on the left (called Bohol) hehehe

So we went out of the mall, googled Peanut Kisses. HAHAHAHAHA. There are Peanut Kisses available in the mall's grocery store but we opted to buy them here. :)) Dun na kayo sa grocery bumili kung konti lang naman. Sayang pamasahe. Tas nagulat pa si Kuya Driver hahahhahaha dumayo pa kami sa factory e hindi naman madami binili namin. Hindi rin naman malaki price difference. Akala ko kasi maraming binibenta... parang 'yung sa Davao na shop na hindi ko ata na-post dito. Nyahaha

Next stop. We asked we can buy shirts and we were bought to this small store somewhere near the port where, yes, souvenirs and shirts can be bought pero hindi namin gusto. I got these chichaworm though for my exotic food lover friends. Hindi ako kumain. Di ko keri. 

The only option left for us was to go back to Sanduguan area and buy t-shirts there. If you're doing the Bohol Countryside tour, you'll pass by this area for sure so bili na agad. You can find two stores there and theirs look okay and affordable.

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Bohol 2017: El Portal Inn

This is where we stayed at on our first night in Bohol - El Portal Inn. Since we were staying in Henann in Panglao island on our second night, I just decided to book the cheapest room I can find and hence; a room here in El Portal Inn. 

Check-in was breeze and the staff were all courteous and helped us with our things. 

Amenities are basic. You have a bed, television and a hot and cold shower. Doesn't matter though since we were out most of the day and we just wanted a clean and comfortable room to stay in at night.

El Portal Inn does that. 

The bed was comfortable and room was big enough for three people to fit in. The television has a cable and tricycles pass by the street so it was easier to go to other places.

I googled chicken bbq during dinner and saw this. I forgot the name of the restaurant but it was close to El Portal.

I don't know if it's because of the restaurants we ate at but I didn't like Bohol's version of one of my favorite viands- sisig. Haha. BBQ was good though. <3

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