Bohol 2017: El Portal Inn

This is where we stayed at on our first night in Bohol - El Portal Inn. Since we were staying in Henann in Panglao island on our second night, I just decided to book the cheapest room I can find and hence; a room here in El Portal Inn. 

Check-in was breeze and the staff were all courteous and helped us with our things. 

Amenities are basic. You have a bed, television and a hot and cold shower. Doesn't matter though since we were out most of the day and we just wanted a clean and comfortable room to stay in at night.

El Portal Inn does that. 

The bed was comfortable and room was big enough for three people to fit in. The television has a cable and tricycles pass by the street so it was easier to go to other places.

I googled chicken bbq during dinner and saw this. I forgot the name of the restaurant but it was close to El Portal.

I don't know if it's because of the restaurants we ate at but I didn't like Bohol's version of one of my favorite viands- sisig. Haha. BBQ was good though. <3

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