Fountain Show at Okada Manila, ASEANA City

The newest Casino Hotel in ASEANA City: Okada and its breathtaking fountain show.

"The Fountain at Okada Manila is a sight to behold. As expansive as 50 Olympic-size swimming pools, the US$30-million fountain’s grandeur and accurately choreographed water, light and music performances rival those in Dubai’s Burj Khalifa and Las Vegas’ Bellagio. Equipped with advanced underwater robots, more than two-thousand lights, dozens of high-fidelity speakers, and more than 700 high-power jets that can shoot water beyond the height of the Okada Manila hotel building, both sides of The Fountain also feature projections during spectacular water shows. A permanent yet invisible performance stage installed in The Fountain’s lake enables performers to give the illusion of being able to walk on water, interact with the water features, and amaze the audience with an enthralling, unforgettable show." - Okada's Website

"Will You Still Love Me?" was the song when I watched the fountain show but I'll be back again to watch the other songs. Late na kasi ako nakapunta kaya last na 'yun for that night ng 10 PM. 

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Even the entrance of Okada slightly reminded me of the flower conservatory and garden in Bellagio because of the sakura trees.

Bellagio Hotel link: here.

Below is Bellagio's Conservatory
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Below is Okada's entrance
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I've seen Bellagio's fountain last year and true to their (Okada) claim, the one we have here in the Philippines can really rival to what they have there in Vegas. 

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Looking forward to an Okada Staycation because that hotel is so much lurrrve.<3

Show Schedule:

Fri to Sat, every half hour (6:00 PM to 12:00 AM)
Sun to Thu, every half hour (6:00 PM to 10:00 PM)

P.S. I don't know about you but I like it that we have our own versions of the famous spots from around the world. 'Cause we all know that not everyone can travel to far places so having replicas of those places here in the Philippines may be a big thing for some of us. <3

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Do you enjoy watching water fountain shows too? :)

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