Eastwest Bank's Visa Prepaid Card vs. BDO's Cash Card

By Tin Gallemaso - 11:43:00 AM

Bakit kailangan magbukas ng Savings Account? link: here.

1. I opened my Eastwest Basic Savings Account because I needed a Visa Card to use online. However, my friend keeps telling me that even if a website is secured, it's still risky to enter my card number especially if all my money is in that account. I was a bit apprehensive to get myself this prepaid card because it'll just add to my collection of cards na walang laman. Buti sana kung may laman!! Hahahaha. 

Anyway, I got one to be safe.


P 100.00 Prepaid Card Fee
Initial Deposit

Prepaid Cards aren't your regular Savings Account meaning the money "loaded" in it won't earn interest. Find out more about Prepaid Cards, Debit Cards and Credit Cards: here.

2. I got my BDO Cash Card more than a year ago for the same purpose actually. I needed a card which I can just reload everytime I go out because it's really a risk to carry my ATM card all the time. Yes, it's safer to carry around an ATM card compared to having cash but the fact that all my money in my savings account is always within my reach makes it unsafe for impulsive buys and gluttonous cravings which are the two most dangerous things on Earth.

EWB's Prepaid Card or BDO's Cash Card?

EWB's carry a VISA logo which makes it better because of the variety of establishments and online merchants who accept VISA card. Mas marami talagang tumatanggap ng VISA compared sa BDO Cash Card na Megalink lang ang nakalagay.

For this, EWB's Prepaid Card wins.

For online transactions, of course, EWB's Prepaid Card wins.

Nga pala, for all VISA cardholders, are you aware of this promo wherein you get a P 100.00 gift certificate when you buy worth P 1,500.00 in any SM Stores? More info: here.

And that Eastwest Bank has a raffle wherein Ipad Mini is at stake when you reload and purchase something using your EWB's Prepaid Card? More info: here.

We should maximize offers like these because they give our money "more purchasing power". Gagastos ka lang naman din, dun ka na sa may chance na babalik sa'yo, diba?

BDO Cash Card is reloadable using their online banking but you can only reload EWB's Prepaid Card over-the-counter. At dito na sila nagkatalo. I'd stick with my Cash Card because of the online banking feature. The main reason why I use Prepaid Card is to reload the money I need for the day and this isn't at all possible yet for EWB's Prepaid Card. Yet nilagay ko kasi baka magbago sila ng isip. hahaha! It's a hassle to go to the bank to deposit money everytime you need to use the card, isn't it? Andun talaga 'yung convenience of reloading via online fund transfer lang eh saka online banking feature enables you to check how much money a card has free of charge unlike going to the nearest ATM. You'd pay not only for the service fee of the bank but for transportation costs as well.

For convenience, BDO Cash Card wins.
Kung hindi tinatanggap ang Cash Card sa establishment na pupuntahan mo, edi i-withdraw muna ang pera.

Now that I think of it, I should have opened another Basic Savings Account na lang because account to account online fund transfer is possible. 
If only Eastwest Bank can add Prepaid Card Reload in their online banking transactions, that would be great.

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