Application for Postal ID in Quezon City 2015 (UPDATED POST)

By Tin Gallemaso - 5:33:00 PM


Finally applied for the new Postal ID the other day. :)

I went to Quezon City hall to claim my NBI Clearance (that I applied for online) and since I don't want it to be the only thing that I'll do, I decided to apply for the new postal ID. Andun na 'ko eh.

I took this picture last August.

What requirements did I submit?
Cristina. 20 something. Single. Resident of Quezon City

NOTE: NAKAKALOKAAAAAAAAAA! Hindi ko nilagay na single kasi naghahanap ako ng jowa! HAHAHA. Nilagay ko 'yan kasi 'yan ang civil status ko. Nilagay ko dahil baka pareho tayo ng situation edi okay lang na pareho tayo ng mga documents na ipapasa. ;)

Have your documents photocopied beforehand.

* 1. Birth Certificate (NSO)
2. Passport (Any government-issued ID)
* 3. Barangay Clearance (or Police Clearance, NBI Clearance)

* Since I don't anymore have the receipt for these documents, the lady got the original copies. Bring your receipts so she'll only get the photox copy.

P.S For married persons, don't forget to bring your marriage certificate.

When you've submitted your requirements, you would then be asked to fill out the application form, and then proceed inside the office for the ID picture, biometrics, and signature.

The application was hassle-free (if you have all the documents needed) but expect your ID to be delivered at home in 1 - 2 months. Mej matagal, noh? But it's okay since I'll have another ID to use. Nga pala, this is now accepted in a lot of offices (ex. banks, companies, agencies) because of its new security features. Haaay, but still, I am wishing for the issuance of a national ID.

Postal ID Price - P 370.00
Delivery Fee - P 44.40

Total - P 414.40

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