Hi, June!!! :))

 I'm finally baaaaaaaack! 

How are you? 
How am I? I'm fine. Thank you. :)

"If you really want something to happen, the whole universe conspires to help you achieve it." Yes, please.

Anyway, I've gone to my first out-of-the country trip last month and as to what it feels now, I know that it won't be the last time that I'm leaving the Philippines to experience the cultures other countries has to offer. :)))))

Again, maybe this is really how our hearts work. You'd want something and when you've accomplished that, you'd want more and more and more. It's just this endless wants we have or maybe it's because once you've got bitten by the travel bug; the wanderlust it brings is just incurable. You'd yearn for places, get homesick of the places you've never even been to, everything. In short, you just want to explore the world.

Anyway, now's the midyear of 2014 and although I have no resolutions compared to what I had last year (Na hindi naman talaga natupad kaya huwag na), I still hope that life continue to surprise me and present opportunities I've never thought I'll have. 

Forever Thankful. :)))
Nawa'y magtuloy-tuloy na.

For you, whatever your circumstances are, it gets better. :)

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