D.I.Y. Happy Balls a.k.a Graham Balls

This is a do it yourself... because you're the only person who can make yourself genuinely happy. And in this world where only the fittest survive (Hindi to physical ha! Pag physical kasi, dapat ngayon pa lang out na ko hahaha!), you need to have balls. Hugot pa more. hehehe.

Lolz, here's a simple yet very "fun to make" dessert which you can also sell in order to create another source of income. O diberrr. For us though, we made ours so we can torture ourselves because shaping these balls can get a little boring, ang repetitive kasi pero some say that is the fun and exciting part. Owkei na lang. Ayan ha, happy balls! Promoting happiness ito. You can do this alone but it's a lot better to do this with a person who makes you happy para hindi torture kundi quality time. HAHAHAHAHAHA.

Crushed Graham
Condensed Milk
Fresh Milk

Crushed Graham
Desiccated Coconut

Pag galit ka at wala kang mapagbuntunan ng galit, bili ka ng graham crackers na dudurugin. :)
Combine the condensed milk and crushed grahams.

Crushed grahams are readily available in groceries but we used the chocolate variant so crushing these without a food processor? Hehehe. Kanya kanyang strategy 'yan.
Pag may tao kang gustong paamuhin, haluin mo lang using your bare hands at ipakain sa kaniya ang finished product.  Ewan ko na lang.. :))
Add fresh milk until you reach the consistency you desire.
This is what ours looked like before we shaped it into bite-sized balls.
Here's the best part! Shaping the balls.

Mold the balls in the size you want. You can opt to put chocolate or marshmallow inside each ball. Ours was plain though.
Because sprinkles will make these too sweet and just crushed graham crackers will make these look too plain, we used desiccated coconut.
Here's the basic recipe for graham balls. Basic lang naman talaga, ingredients are readily found and no need for baking skills. Patience lang na unfortunately, nandun naman nung gumagawa ako pero mej katamad talaga mag-bilog.

This is best served when chilled. Alam mo 'yung madaan lang ako sa ref, kuha ng isa hanggang sampung piraso. Yan yan... at least happy. :))

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