Do you have a question? Ask Diego!

Do you remember Diego, that cute boy in a TV commercial who asked his family on how does he get a girlfriend? I'm sure you do. He's PLDT Home DSL's latest star celebrity. 

In all fairness, PLDT Home DSL commercials are one of the country's best and unforgettable ones. Commercials of PLDT DSL aren't only award-winning but have also managed to build celebrities from the talents they featured in their ads and a perfect example of that is Diego. Aside from those adoring him in the TVC, those people "mobbing" him wherever he is, he now has around 250,000 likers in his Facebook page and that number is continuously increasing.

It's interesting to get a response from a seven year old boy that's why more and more people have been asking him questions daily. And if the sent-in question is tough, the Ledesma family (his dad, his Mom and his Ate) are always there to help him out. Talk about one of the family bondings of modern times.

ASK DIEGO. This kid can answer grown-up questions thanks to limitless sharing and strong connections at home
 Apart from his catchy TVC, you've seen him when he guested in "The Ryzza Mae Show" where he took selfies with Ryzza, in "Eat Bulaga" where he met Bossing Vic Sotto, and he was also invited in TV5's taping of "Confessions of a Torpe" where he met more of his fans. Diego even handed out flowers to mommies who were present in the PBA Finals held on Mother's Day last month and alongside hung out with the Pingris Family. He also attended the movie premiere of "X-men:Days of Future Past" where he had a fun time taking pictures with the guests. Diego is definitely seen a lot these days in public, isn't he? 

But really. With his good looks and wit, who wouldn't get smitten by Diego's charm? Even Regine Velasquez said so. 

Diego also makes surprise appearances in PLDT Home DSL's events such as mall events and barangay tours. He and his family surely have become a household name now. No wonder that they are constantly asked to pose for photos and sign autographs wherever they go. 

Do you want to know more about Diego? Do you want to ask him something too? Then like his page and ask him here.

P.S. While I was scanning Diego's facebook page, I saw a question that I also wanted to ask and his answer was "the one who is smiling at you is the person who is inlove with you." 'Yung totoo, Diego. Umaasa na ako. Nginitian talaga ko ni Lee Min Ho eh. Hahaha! :))

Disclaimer: This sponsored post is brought to you by PLDT.

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