Backpacking Day 5: Thank You, Malaysia and Singapore! (See you again soon!)

After our four days of adventures (mostly though became the best misadventures of our lives), it was time to go home. Mixed emotions! 

I don't have a lot of pictures of our hotel and our room (Grid 9). I only have this one below. 

Here's our La Familia room at Grid 9 Hotel/Gastropub

Grid 9 Hotel Review: I didn't have problems with our room, not even the broken shower knob was a bother. They have a billiards room and a cafeteria but we did not go to any other place there. The air con and television work, the wifi is fairly fast (they have like 4 wifi signals) and the bed and its bedding were more than comfortable to sleep in. If you're looking for a cheap hostel in KL, Grid 9 is definitely something you might want to consider. Aside from it being affordable and a great place to stay in, it's also close to a monorail station (Maharajalela) and tourists attractions like Central Market, Pudu Sentral and Chinatown.
My last Malaysian morning!

From Grid 9, we rode Maharajalela monorail to KL Sentral where we are to ride our bus to KLIA2 worth 10 MYR per person.

KLIA 2 is situated outside the city so it's like a one hour ride more via bus.
It was really fun while it lasted, KL Tower and Petronas Towers. I shall see you again someday! Bungee jumping pleaaaaaaaase. :)
Good morning selfie at the bus! Haba na ng hair ko.
Taken inside Malaysia's newest airport, KLIA 2. It is big so we kind of had a hard time carrying our bags from the entrance to our seats where we waited near boarding tube. There were trolleys available but not on all parts of the airport.

After checking ourselves in.,.
Last Malaysian Mcdo Meal

Big Breakfast Meal because we'd be spending the next 3 and 1/2 hours traveling back to the Phils without food nor drinks. Operation tulog, medyo kwento at emote sa bintana.
While looking at this view, it was setting in that we are on our way home already. After some small (and recurring "lost") problems, after everything, we can proudly tell ourselves that "We did it. We've seen what we want to see (more than even) and we're on our way home. Now, bring me to more places!"

"It's better to see a place once, than hear about it a thousand times." I know that it wont be my first and last in KL and SG but this will always be a special one.

Thank you, Malaysia for being a small-budget traveler friendly country (at least for us!). I know 2014 is the year to visit you but I don't think I'll have the chance and budget to re-visit you again before the year ends but I will in the next few years.  I'd also love to visit East Malaysia, Cameron Highlands and Lego Land so I'll definitely return there. #visitMalaysia2014? Check! I don't know if this will sound offensive to some but I have this connection to Kuching, Malaysia simply because my favorite dog's name is Kuchi. K. Seriously though, I'd like to trek Kubah National Park and bathe at Annah Rais Hotspring someday. hehe. Thank you, Malaysia for making me realize that hearsays are just hearsays and the only thing to know what my take is, is to see and experience it myself. I went there expecting the worst because of what other people told me but what you've let me experience there was the opposite. If someone had an unpleasant memory at a certain place, it doesn't mean that I will create a similar memory too. Your people didn't take advantage of us (it was the other way around! haha!), free bus (GO KL) drivers weren't rude to foreigners, all were very helpful whenever we looked like we were lost. It's given that there will always be cultural differences but your people made it easy for us to adapt to yours.

Thank you, Singapore for showing me that it's possible to improve and be one of the best if you just put your mind to it and have to discipline to do it. I was hurt because of a racist blog post I've read from an anonymous Singaporean who asked other Singaporeans to treat Filipinos without respect but what do I do? When like Malaysia, I've also left a part of my heart in your multi-cultural country. I didn't notice any maltreatment, discrimination nor experienced any hate because of our race when we were there (Although I admit that your people weren't as hospitable like Malaysians). In fact, I was in awe with how how people of different races were able to (peacefully) co-exist in your very beautiful and modern country... or so I thought. Despite that, thank you, Singapore for making me realize that even if there can always be something wrong in life, I just have to live well and not be bothered by it. Yes, even for things I once thought was perfect only to find out sooner that it wasn't. But the best thing you taught me? I can now ask around for directions whenever I feel lost! But I don't really mind if my "direction instinct" comes back again ASAP. Ang lala ng hanggang pagbalik ko sa Manila e feeling ko, ligaw na ligaw ako. :)))

To that Singaporean blogger who asked his fellow Singaporeans to "piss" Filipinos off: Rather than being a coward who posts anonymous articles online, why not self-reflect and think of the reasons why your jobs are being "stolen" by other nationalities. There must be something wrong in there somewhere... maybe your whole existence. jk. :)

Thank You po for guiding us and giving us this opportunity to travel and get to know ourselves more and other cultures as well... until next time. love love. <3

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