Project Pie in SM North EDSA

There's really something with this kind of concept that even if pizza isn't considered a new food offering, the way of ordering piques one's curiosity. For experience purposes ganyan. 

I can't even count how many months have passed since this Project Pie post was put in my backlogs. Travel series (LAKAS TALAGA MAKA TRAVEL HAHAHAHA) consumes so much of my blogging time that food posts are often neglected these past months. Sana talaga 'yung mismong pagkain at pag gastos ang ma-neglect, huhuhu jubese ko na lalo plssss. :))) 


#5 + Pepperoni

You're free to choose any toppings that you'd like and pay a fixed price of P 285.00 per pizza.

You have two options: order by number or build your own from scratch.

My default project pie order is #5 which consists of Mozzarella, Ricotta, Gorgonzola, Cracked Black Pepper, Olive Oil, Garlic, Fresh Chopped Basil and I just add some toppings.

I don't like my pizza overstuffed which explains my preference (most of the time lang, hindi all the time) for pepperoni or five cheese variants even if there are "more interesting" pizza flavors available.

As for the drinks, it's P 65.00 for a choice of sodas, juices and iced tea.

For P 65.00, you get a refillable drink of any of the above choices but I prefer Sweet Peach.It reminded me of Texas Chicken's Iced Tea in KLIA 2. 
P 285.00 with more toppings though it still looks under-stuffed compared with the pizza creations of other customers.

You can never go wrong with pizza combinations. Joke. :)) Syempre, iisipin mo rin kung aling ingredients 'yung bagay sa'yo at sa panglasa mo kaya ganyan lang. hahaha. Ang defensive. hahaha.

#5 + Chicken + Pepperoni+ Bacon plus additional of blue cheese and pesto cheeses. 'Yan na pinaka-adventurous ko, noh!! 

Banana Nutella
P 145.00

I don't like eating cinnamon so even if I like the combination of Nutella and Banana. I didn't come to like this so much.

 Best eaten while hot. 
Overall, dining in Project Pie is recommendable and enjoyable.

1. Good food. Sige, sasabihan mo bang hindi ka masarap mag-create ng pizza? Hehe. Aside from it's your choices of toppings, all ingredients are of high-quality. Hindi lang siya basta-basta magtuturo ka dun tas bahala na sa lasa. Flavorful naman lahat lalo 'yung cheese.

2. You're free to make your visit as sulit as possible with refillable drinks and combination of any (pwede ngang all) toppings.

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