USA 2016: The Most Sosyal Mcdo Ever, San Diego, California

Did you know that no one cleans after you whenever you dine in a fast food or food court in the States? Unlike in the Philippines where we just leave our mess in the tables for the staff to clean, the usual practice in the States is eat (with or without your food tray), then be the one to buss out and make sure the table is clean for the next customers to use. ClayGo.

Anyway, just felt like mentioning that because the main reason why I am posting this is to show you the mosy unique Mcdonald's branch that I have gone to ever. I am not sure where exactly is this one but this is in San Diego, California.

Their restroom looks like a five-star hotel restroom. If I show this to people telling them this was in a Mcdonald's branch, how many of them would believe me? 

It is European-styled and very classy. The interior reminds me of the Caesar's Palace Hotel in Las Vegas.

There's even a fountain in the center of the dining area.

Mirrors and paintings in a gold frame are hung on walls. 

Chandeliers for the light. 

See, it felt like Europe hahaha.

What Mcdo? Are you telling me Europe's going to be next??? HAHAHA. :))

Well, the food that you are to find here are similar to the offerings of other Mcdonald's in the States. The interior just make this a lot more special. Have you been to other unique Mcdonald's branch? If yes, where and what makes it unique? :)

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