Taiwan Bicycles with Seal of Excellence

I love to bike whenever I get the chance to. Not only is it a great exercise, biking also relaxes me. But even if a bike was included in the things I wanted to have on a post I posted way back 2012, I never had the chance to look around and purchase one because of two things: 1) storage would be a problem. 2) I have no idea about bicycle brands.

Not being able to know which of the available products would be a good buy is one of the things that the campaign Taiwan Excellence is trying to solve. 

Of the 56 Taiwanese brands that are entering the Philippine market, some are different brands of bicycles such as Strida, Tern Bicycles and Pacific Cycles

Slidy Bike
I am also a potential buyer of this bike. Seryoso.

I like that it solves my first problem - storage. I bet you know how big most of the bikes we see here in the Philippines so it's a good thing that this bike is foldable and lightweight that storage even transporting this wouldn't be a problem. And since this is a recipient of the Seal of Excellence, buyers are assured that they're getting a worth it and a sturdy bike. 

You might say that using a bike here in the Philippines is inconvenient but we should still point out the benefits of using a bike as a mode of transportation.

1. Healthy Mind and Healthy Body
- I know, right? Healthy body! Kaya nga, I bike whenever I get the chance to. It's a good cardiovascular exercise that is gentle to joints. Biking also improves and tone muscles. Leisure biking is actually relaxing.

2. Greener World
- Biking doesn't require gasoline therefore it emits no pollutants. Through biking, you're not only reducing your fats but also your carbon footprint. (Sige na nga. We're not only reducing OUR fats hahaha.)

3. Easier on the Pockets
- Since you're not anymore paying for fuel, you can lessen your transportation expenses and obviously, bike maintenance is cheaper compared to car maintenance.

This post is a part of the Taiwan Excellence campaign which commitment is to provide better products for us, Filipinos and one of the products they offer are innovative foldable bicyles from the above-mentioned brands.

Visit Taiwan Excellence Website here and Like Taiwance Excellence's Facebook page here to know more about the brands and the products they offer.

*This is a sponsored post.

The Taiwan Excellence campaign, organized by Bureau of Foreign Trade of Taiwan (BOFT), and implemented by Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA), is the symbol of quality that guarantees the superior value of Taiwanese lifestyle brands across Asia is now in the Philippines. 

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