Kerch na Kerch ka March!

Kerch is a (conyo-ish) variation of the gay lingo, "keri" meaning kaya/can. I don't even know if keri is still considered only a gay lingo when I've heard people of all gender and/or sexuality use it in their everyday conversations.

Anyway, Kerch na kerch ka March!! Kayang-kaya!! Ako pa ba?!

February 2015 was a tough month for me but I survived. 

I always try to be grateful for everything that happens but when times get rough, it's hard to continuously show gratitude when you're looking for the reasons why not-so-good things happen, isn't it? It's easy to love a lovable person. It's easy to be thankful for the good times. It's easy to say we're blessed when things go our way. But what if your current situation is the other way around? Let's say that you're only experiencing hardships plus the tiring people you have no choice but to face everyday make the whole thing even harder. Laslas na ba?! Syempre, hindi. Nakakapagod lang talaga. Pahinga. Hanap inspirasyon. Laban ulit. Bakit? Kasi mas masarap pa rin mabuhay. :))

Hayyyyyyyy. I felt tired and uninspired these past few days that even if I was able to laugh for countless of times, at the end of the day, it was unhappiness that kept me company. 
Then we went to Regina Rosarii in Tanay, Rizal to celebrate the first Sunday Mass and to have my much-awaited escape.

"Pag napagod na kayo sa ingay sa baba, akyat lang kayo dito." which made me miss mountain climbing a lot. I know the priest wasn't referring to trekking when he said akyat but akyat to Regina Rica/ Mama Mary on top of the hill but I am somehow having a separation anxiety with the mountains.

 I miss the hardship and the tiredness I experience whenever I climbed mountains. I miss the feeling of relief and accomplishment the moment I set foot on the mountain's summit. I miss the body ache because physical pain is better than emotional pain. A tired body is better than a tired heart and soul. 

"If you're tired and weary, seek the Lord and He will give you rest and will recharge your faith and spirit." 

Buti na lang na sa bawat paglubog ng araw e may sisikat ulit. Huhuhuhuhu. Buti na lang talaga, hindi nauubos 'yung hope. I was reminded that God can continuously supply me with strength if I would just reach out to Him. Mas okay na sa feeling ngayon. Hindi na 'ko binabalik-balikan ni loneliness. Tignan mo nga. Nakaka-blog na ulit ako. :))))
Soon. Aakyat.
Soon. Aalis.
Soon. Soon. 

Let's count our blessings not our problems.

Surprise us, March!!!!!
God bless us. :)

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