Ayala Museum, Greenbelt & Merhaba Turkish Ice Cream, MOA

After years of just passing by at this museum in Greenbelt, I was finally able to go inside to take a look at the collections on display.

 It was prohibited to take pictures of the exhibits except for this diorama exhibit. 
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I won't be posting a lot of pictures since they're for you too see but here are some.
Outside the Intramuros is where Chinese merchants were forced to stay and trade during the Spanish Colonization Era.

 This place was called "Parian" but it's now the Binondo Chinatown. 
Calle Crisologo in Vigan. 
I wasn't blogging yet when I was able to go to this house in Cavite.
Here are the list of exhibits they have.
I didn't write a lot about the Ayala Museum because I don't want to spoil what's in there but it was worth it.

 Iba pa rin 'yung alam mo, lalo na dun sa diorama experience, 'yung pagkakasunod-sunod ng mga mahahalagang bahagi ng kasaysayan ng Pilipinas. 

After Ayala Museum, we went to Mall of Asia in hopes of seeing the sunset but the clouds covered the view. 

Anyway, I was able to try eating Turkish Ice Cream so going to MOA was still a good decision.
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Whenever I watched someone attempting to get his/her Turkish Ice Cream from the vendor, I was wondering what would my reaction be. I really thought that it would take me several years to try this so I am glad that there's a Turkish Ice Cream stall in Mall of Asia. Must try this summer! Although in all honesty, it wasn't the ice cream that I was wanting to taste, I just want the experience. And? As usual, nag-angas na naman ako. Ako na manuntok. :))  

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