Binondo Food Trip: Tasty Dumplings, Dong Bei and Wai Ying

Chinatown has become a must-visit for every foodie. You may consider it a haven for those who love eating Authentic Chinese food while in budget.

As a Binondo first-timer, I had to rely on my friend who had listed down some of the visit-worthy restaurants there. Yey for the hardwork!


 Good thing I love walking around.

Here's the first stop:

Tasty Dumplings in Masangkay Street. There's also a branch in Ongpin Street. 

Noodles with Fried Porkchop costs P 115.00 and a glass of cold Soya Milk costs P 35.00

What I liked about this the most is the porkchop! It's thin, crispy and really delicious. You have three options: pair it with noodles, pair it with rice or eat it ala carte.
For this time 'cause I had no idea that the porkchop is seriously ulam-able, I paired it with noodles. The combination is good and filling too but I'd resort to a rice pair next time. I tried eating it the Chinese way with noodles but I'm going back to rice.


Can be synonymously called "the Binondo Food Walk."
Binondo Food Trip: More Fun When Walking
Why? Hey, you're stuffing your body too much calories so might as well do it a favor and burn some in the process too!

When Vigan equals to Heritage Houses, Chinatown equals to Chinese Characters. Duh, Tin, Duh. It won't be called Chinatown for nothing. Duh. Well, I just wish that walking around there, I am able to understand some Chinese Characters, that would be awesome!

And we have arrived to the second stop:
Dong Bei Dumplings in Yuchengo Street

I have no idea about all the restaurants. When I saw theirs, comparing to Tasty Dumplings, it is indeed small and staying inside was kind of hot. But whatever, right? When they serve good and cheap foods.

The upper right picture, is taken while an Ate was making the wrapper of Kuchay dumplings. Kung sa gamit sa bahay ikukumpara, handmade!

On the bottom left are Steamed Kuchay Dumplings
P 100.00/ 14 pieces
I don't even know what Kuchay is (almost everything is new tbh, pero gulay 'yan.) but this is very good! The steamed dumpling wrapper is soft but thick and kind of chewy.

On the bottom right are Xiao Long Pao
P 90.00
May soup sa loob nyan and best eaten when hot! I'm loving the food discoveries, anubeh. Dumplings are better eaten steamed not fried. This lessens your oil intake too.

Kuchay and the Xiao Long Pao should be dipped in their special sauce. Really good! The only problem I encountered, it's always hard for me to use metal chopsticks.

Walk. Walk. Walk.

Next Stop: Binondo Church/ San Lorenzo Ruiz Basilica Minore
And turned out that San Lorenzo Ruiz, the first Filipino saint, was born in Binondo.
The interior of the church is just the way you envision an old church that withstood the test of time. I failed to take a picture of the exterior. You also have to consider that at that point: bangag na kami to function.
On the pictures above (right side), you'd see the beautifully-painted ceiling and the altar.


Last Stop:

Wai Ying Fastfood in Benavidez Street.

Random FYI: Look at the tags, I made a tag especially for my milktea "thirsts" but take note that most of the times because drinking is just so paulit-ulit, I'd rather not blog about it anymore. What does this mean? I'm a self-confessed milk tea addict. There were even days when I'd intentionally go out of my way home to pass by SM North/Trinoma first and buy myself a cup of milktea.  But you know what? I'm on my abstinence/rehabilitation/saving phase. I think I've succeeded on this somehow. It may not be a complete break-up with MT, but I'm proud to say that there's an improvement. I have learned to say, NO! Not all the time, milk tea. I have to say NO!

I considered this food trip an excuse. I was reunited again with me loves, Hello milk tea!
P 50.00/glass

We were still too full to even think about ordering meals again, so it's just milk tea to quench our thirst since it's also a long way/drive home.

I loved it because you'd taste the tea more than the milk. I'm more on the bitter side.

There are a lot of choices and are all budget-friendly prices too. Not to mention, I heard this is the oldest fastfood in the area.

And after every bites, chews, walks, added calories and body fats somehow... was Binondo Food trip worth our travel, money and time? Yes, it was! There are more restaurants left to discover in the area. Pagkatapos ng lahat, pwedeng balik, balik din.

Commuting Direction Via LRT 1: Get down at Carriedo Station
Via LRT 2: Get down Recto Station
Take a PUJ, cab, pedicab or just walk. Walkable! Seryoso.

...and don't forget to wear anything comfy. :)

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