Boon Tong Kee, UPTC

Gusto mo 'yung two months ago ko na 'tong na-post sa Instagram account ko bago ko nailagay dito? Haha. #mejbusy. I found out how to embed Instagram pictures to blogposts so I won't need to put watermarks on every picture that I post here. Finally utilizing those creatively and beautifully taken IG pictures. Sige, di na. Bawal na magjoke. Haha

It's not like I frequent Singaporean cuisine/restaurants but they're now one of the options whenever I look for a place to eat at. Nostalgic kase. Haha. Arti arti!

As usual, I find it hard to describe the taste of the food I eat so ano na? Pasensiyahan na lang. hehe. :)) Boon Tong Kee serves good food and the service is definitely good as well. I loved the crispiness of the crispy pork belly and how it lived up to its name, crispy daw siya e.. di siya na malutong. The Hainanese chicken was cooked just right, it was able to maintain its tenderness and juiciness yet without traces of uncooked blood like the first time I had it in SG. Perfect combination sila nung condiments sa mesa na hindi ko alam kung ano-ano pero i-mix mo na lang. 

I will definitely be back for more of your goodness, Boon Tong Kee. :>

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