Tambobong Beach, Dasol, Pangasinan

Tambobong vs. Patar?

I'll choose Patar over the former at any time. :( Lower your expectations when you decide to go at this part of Pangasinan especially if you're from Manila. Being in Manila means the travel time's gonna be 6-8 hours to Tambobong. 

Patar Beach and Bolinao Lighthouse link: here.
Hundred Islands, Alaminos, Pangasinan link: here.

We're done with Zambales, and they're done with Bataan so we decided to go to Pangasinan this time. We saw pictures of white stretch of beach in google and in other blogs so we were kind of excited for Tambobong.  hahaha. 

No reservations. We just headed to Pangasinan and decided to look for cottages there that offer the least expensive accommodation since it was just a day tour for us anyway. 

Budget-wise, this is a good place especially if you're coming in group. I don't really know. Was it just a bad day or was it a wrong spot in Tambobong, all I know is that the place didn't do justice to whatever other people wrote about it. 

Ako kasi nag-decide kung saan kaya affected ako e. :)))

San pa ba may okay at murang beach dito sa North??? Para naman mapadali ang decision making sa annual outing namin next year. haha

Some of my companions we're okay about it though but I wasn't. 

Maybe it's just me being picky and all but don't go there if:

you hate beaches with seagrasses
you don't like swimming with jellyfishes (lol if that was the non-stinging jellyfish, I would have swam all day)

I was told that it's because of the rain that there were a lot of seagrasses by the shore. Hmm, I just don't like the sensation of swimming with seagrasses. And one time, I was wearing goggles. I had a mini heart attack when I saw a jelly fish swimming towards me. HAHAHA.

This is how I beach. Thanks, Nestea for this beach sofa! ahahha

The stretch of Tambobong is long, look for the resort with least seagrasses to experience what other call, "Boracay feel". 

I guess the only time that I'll be promoting Tambobong is when you like to visit the nearby island because that saved this whole trip. 

There's a nearby island which is almost 30 minutes away from Tambobong. I guess people just hashtag Tambobong whenever they're on that island too.

So if you find yourself in Tambobong and can't seem to like the place (like myself), don't miss out on the island hopping 'cause it's where the white sand is. :3

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