Cebu 2017: Tumalog Falls

While Kawasan Falls is what usually comes to mind when you think of a falls in Cebu, Tumalog is also well-known especially as a side trip coming from the Whale Shark Watching area and/or Sumilon Island. 

The jump off to Tumalog is a short ride away from the whale shark watching area. You have two options to get to the falls, one is to trek there and the second one is to ride a habal-habal. 

The falls is huge and tall. One foreigner told me that Tumalog falls is more beautiful than Kawasan falls. 

It's rare that you can go directly under the fall 'cause usually but since it's just rain drops here in Tumalog, it's okay. The basin is also not that deep as you can see in the picture above. I'm 6 feet, btw. JOKE. Isang malaking joke hahaha. 

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