Cu Chi Bar, Poblacion, Makati

It has been years since those times when we would frequent Poblacion in Makati. I actually forgot the vibe that place has until recently when we went here in Cu Chi Bar. If you're gonna disregard the horrendous traffic on some nights, it's a good place to go to. 

If you want to feel how it's like to be in Vietnam, I strongly suggest that you go here at Cu Chi. It legitly feels like one of those bars you'll find in De Tham Street in Ho Chi Minh City. I haven't blogged about my Vietnam trip last year so watch out for that. :))

We were served several cocktails. Though interesting and delicious, I looked forward to eating the foods. I'm missing Vietnamese cuisine a looooooot.

Skewers above are flavorful and tender. 

My favorite!!!

Fresh spring rolls.

The serving is generous, I didn't even know how I'd fit one in my mouth. lolz. :))) It tastes fresh and the sauce was a perfect pair. 

The beef of their pho is so tender. The broth is perfect and not too heavy. The serving is generous that we had to share one bowl. 

Loving all the wall art in Cu Chi. :))

I fell inlove with Vietnam that seeing this sticker makes me want to book another flight... in 2019. Hahaha. 

They serve a wide variety of drinks and they're all reasonably priced so what are you waiting for?
 They host programs on some nights so make sure to check their Facebook page for more updates.

2nd Floor, 5767 Ebro Street, Poblacion

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