Wingman, The Collective, Malugay, Makati

Onion Rings


Original Buffalo Wings 

What makes Wingman more interesting that other restaurants that serve chicken wings is their Quiz Night. It's a perfect way to bond with friends and get that friendly competition vibe on. hahaha! I loved the wide scope of the questions, they made me realize that I've still got a lot to learn.. especially when it comes to movies. lol John Lloyd lang alam kong movies eh. HAHAHAHA

As if the fire doesn't warn you enough that this is gonna be hot and spicy, the scoop of ice cream is there. I don't like spicy food but I still took a bite of this Carolina Reaper flavored wings and... gusto ko talaga 'yung nasasaktan ako eh. :))) At first, the spiciness was mild until you take more bite that it gets very spicy and irritating in the mouth. This is perfect for people who can eat spicy food. 

I'm not really into this kind of things but that night, I learned that I have a talent when it comes to beer pong. hahaha. Akalain mong umabot kami sa semi-finals!!! I'm so proud.

Aside from wings and liquor, they serve other items too. 

Definitely time for that drink!

Sarap netong blue moon! 

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