All Clean Balm by Heimish Review

I've been using the OCM method for years already but I just DIY the oil I use - olive oil and coconut oil. Then one day, I woke up with an eye infection. WHAT!? SAN AKO NAGKULANG??? I suspect that it was going to turn into a stye.

 I don't really know much about stye since that a first time for me so I researched and - I stopped applying liquid concealer on my undereye area while it was infected, I placed hot pack on my eyes everynight, and bought a proper cleansing oil when I saw that it was 50% off that night. Olive oil and coconut oil were able to get to do their job well in cleaning my face but that night I thought to myself that I should get a proper cleansing oil already.

 My left eye was infected and it was obvious so I had to wear glasses for four days.

The first cleansing oil I bought was from Mizon and I also got one from Biore. However, I was given this Heimish Trial Pack which I am reviewing now.

For me:

Heimish > Mizon > Biore

This is what the sampler looks like. The amount of product this sampler had lasted me for six times of use. I prefer this over the liquid cleansing oils especially since this is easier to transport. I'm just not sure if it's solid phase will be able to endure the heat of Philippines' summer though.

It's in solid state while in the container and it smells a bit like a medicated ointment. The smell isn't a concern for me since I actually love its mild herbal scent.

Wash your hands first and make sure both your fingers and face are dry before massaging the product on your face.

It melts easily when applied on the face. It removes everything on my face in just a few minutes of massaging it and it doesn't sting my eyes. It has a mild cooling sensation upon application too. 

When you feel that you've removed the make-up, residues and impurities on your face, wet your fingers and massage your face again with a bit of water to emulsify the oil. When the oil becomes creamy/white like the picture above, you're doing it right.

Rinse off the product. I'm not sure if washing with soap after is a must but I still wash my face with Dove Beauty Bar nonetheless.

Maganda lang ilaw dun sa banyo sa Shang kaya ganyan itsura ko pero sige na, may konting brightening effect. hahaha. lolz. Definitely does the job without all the harmful ingredients pala, I've read that this balm doesn't have parabens etc. The reason why I stuck with olive and coconut oil was because I don't like putting a lot of chemicals in my face. I'm a convert. Good thing I found Heimish!

I will purchase this product soon. For the meantime, I'm back to using my Mizon and Biore :)

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