South Korea 2018: Lost in Pyeongchang Olympics

and discovering gems once again.

I was supposed to join the bus tour to Daegwalyeong that starts in Jinbu station but obviously that didn't happen since I got lost... so lost. :)

What was supposed to happen is that I alight the bus at Jinbu station, ride the shuttle bus and tour around Daegwalyeong, and then before the sunset ride a bus again to the light show at Gangneung and travel back to Seoul.

What happened is that I missed my stop at Jinbu and ended up at Gangneung. I didn't immediately understand how the shuttle buses work so I ended up going everywhere but the places that I was meaning to visit. Crazy day.

I was able to ask for directions from this tourist information but I still got lost haha so I decided to just go with the flow and enjoy my day wherever I go since I didn't have an itinerary anymore.

I was able to find a shuttle bus that drives to the KTX station but as I got there, I decided to stay instead and not head back to Seoul. lol.

Look at how stressed I look.. HAHAHA! It shows in most of my pictures in Gangneung since I really didn't know what to do. 

Free rice cake and hot tea in that freezing weather.

Following the shuttle buses routes, I still ended up in Daegwalyeong. Eventhough I wasn't able to go to the sheep farm and go near the windmills, seeing them from afar was already enough for me. 

On the shuttle bus from Daegwalyeong to Jinbu, I saw an ice village. My heart skipped a beat since I was really enjoying the snow. For people like me who live in a country where there are only two seasons, one of our dreams is to experience snowfall. 

I decided to alight the bus and walk towards this ice village. This is a river that turns ice during winter and they installed ice sculptures for the "ice festival"

Above is one of my favorite pictures <3

You can see the windmills from behind and the snow sculptures in front. 

Nakabawi-bawi na sa stress si ate girl, oh. :))

Best luck for the Year of The Dog!!!

First time seeing an igloo! <3 

The main snow land has an entrance fee so I decided to just stay in the free area. lolz.

After exploring Ice Land, I decided to take the shuttle bus back to Jinbu so I can go back to Seoul.

But wait...

Since another place caught my attention. :)))) 

And it's the place of the Pyeongchang Trout Festival. 

Where I caught snowflakes instead of sungeo/mullet.

Soon after going to this place, gentle snowflakes started falling from the sky!!!! OMG!!!! <3 I've experienced snowfall two times during this trip. It was nearing Spring that time so the cold wasn't too hard to bear even if I was underdressed.

 I may not have seen the places that I was wanting to see but the snow that afternoon made up for everything. 

Until the day when I'll see you again, Gangneung, Daegwalyeong, Pyeongchang and Jinbu!! <3 

It was still snowing when I was walking back to the bus station.


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