South Korea Trip, February 2018

Below are some of my favorite photos from my first South Korea trip last February 2018. :)) This post shall include tips for first-timers and my loooooooooooooong journey towards this dream come true.

I've yet to post my other travel articles but I'm posting this here nonetheless. E kasiiiii. <3

If there is one place that I've always been vocal about wanting to visit, that's got to be South Korea. In fact, back in 2014, I've posted "Imagining My Trip to Korea" wherein I compiled in one article the places that I want to go to and the things that I want to do. Link: here. I'm 2 years late since my deadline for myself back then was 2016 but I'm happy. The timing could not get any more perfect than this. :)

The jacket I'm wearing above is already five years old. :)) I had that shipped in 2013 from South Korea since JYJ were modeling the clothing company. 

If you're taking the Cebu Pacific flight from Manila to Incheon. Most likely, you would not be able to catch the last trip of the subway nor the limousine airport buses. If you're travelling in group that can share the high cost of taxi then that would be good but if if you're not, then your next best option is to wait for the 12:15 AM bus to Seoul Station and from SS ride a cab to your hotel. I heard, though, that some passengers opted to stay at the airport and wait for the subway's first trip. 

By the way, in all the flights I've taken, MNL - ICN has the most restless co-passengers ever. :)))) Seryoso, mas marami pang tulog sa isang oras na domestic flight. haha! Only few from my side of the plane slept. Most were watching something on the phones (dramas etc.) and some chatted with their companions almost the whole duration of the flight. I got to admit that I was restless myself. HAHAHAHA. Couldn't wait for that first step on the Land of the Morning Calm. Hahaha

One thing that you should never forget to do is download a subway application especially if you're going on a DIY trip. The subway lines can get a little confusing but there are enough sign boards that I was able to navigate quite easily. Also, buy your T-Money card from a convenience store. Not only does this save you money because of the fare discount, buying single journey ticket each time you ride the subway is a pain in the ass.

The picture above was taken at Haneul Park, one the parks in the World Cup Stadium Area. I was looking forward to have my picture taken at the Eulalia grass field in this area but they've already cut them to make way for Spring. The overlooking part of the park isn't bad though, I enjoyed my time there. 

The World Cup Park area has 5 different parks namely Pyounghwa Park, Haneul Park, Noeul Park, Nanjicheon Park, and Nanji Hangang Park. If my judgement serves me well since I forgot to ask the shuttle driver, the picture above is taken at Nanjicheon Park. Korea has four seasons so pictures taken at the same place can still look very different. I just asked the shuttle driver to drop me off at this place when I saw the frozen swamp/lake. Hahaha. Pano walang snow sa Pilipinas kaya makakita lang ng ganito, tuwang tuwa na. 

If I had an entire day, I would gladly spend it exploring all the five parks. Soon?

Bridges can be on the last item of your must-visit but I made sure that I'm able to go to Mapo Bridge. As someone who can understand and read Hangul (did I really need to say that?), I wanted to see those words and sentences that they've placed at the bridge. Turns out that this bridge is a place where a lot of people have taken their lives, those sentences were placed there to give hope for those who feel hopeless.

Above phrase means, "kahit hindi mo sabihin, alam ko."/ "I know it even if you don't tell me."

That feeling of comfort whenever we remember that there are people who understand us without needing words nor explanations.

When I was making my itinerary, I made sure that my first day will become "Fight for my Way Day 1" but it actually turned out that I spent most of my time visiting the parks so I failed to visit their shooting locations. However, while having dinner, I looked at the forecast and it said that it will start snowing at my hotel's area by 9 PM. I went back to the hotel and walked around while waiting for the snow. HAHAHAHA! Funny 'cause I didn't even plan this nor did I know that I can reach Seoul Station by foot but I did (two stations away from my hotel) and then saw Seoullo 7107 overpass. YAS!!! One shooting location achieved. 

I already felt tired so I decided to walk back to the hotel since that was already 11 PM. Still had high hopes that it'll snow soon but I wanted to go to sleep as well. Around 10 minutes after washing my face, it started snowing outside. <3 I've seen snow in Vegas but haven't experienced a legit snow fall. Hihihi. That was, indeed, a very lucky trip. Never thought about snow since Spring is just around the corner.

Olympics was still on going when I was in Seoul so I decided to go to Pyeongchang. :))) I was supposed to alight at Jinbu station and ride the shuttle bus to Daegwallyeong Park since I wanted to see the windmills but I missed the bus stop and ended up at Gangneung. Things turned out crazier since I didn't immediately understand how the free Olympics shuttle buses worked so I rode the wrong routes and ended up everywhere but the places that I wanted to visit. hahaha!

In return though, I was able to visit all three Olympics Parks from that in Gangneung, Daegwalyeong, and Pyeongchang. 

I can't remember how I reached Gangneung KTX station but thanks to that I was able to eat my brunch. My brain started functioning better since it was then when I finally understood the routes of the shuttle buses. HAHAHAHA.  I successfully found my way from Gangneung to Daegwalyeong (park and ride) where I saw windmills (Pwede na. haha) to Pyeongchang to Jinbu.

Found this Snow Land along the way. <3

While waiting for the bus back to Seoul, I decided to walk around the area and I saw the place where they hold the ice fishing. 

It also snowed while I was here. Unlike the snow that I've experienced in Seoul, the snowfall here is much more gentle. Alam mo 'yon, ang magical ng dating.

Lost in Pyeongchang link: here.

Upon returning to Seoul, I decided to have dinner at Itaewon area and see if I'd be able to reach the overpass from Fight For My Way which is overlooking the Namsan Tower. The real overpass was actually very far from Itaewon so I just settled for this one. 'Yung overpass na mas malayo pero sa diretso lang nito 'yung talagang overpass nila. 

I didn't have a lot of pictures from the palaces and hanok village so... :)) If you're in the area though, might as well visit Tongin Market and/or Gwangjang Market for a very nice and filling meal.

South Korea 2018: Gapyeong Travel Guide With Expenses (Only 2,000 PHP Via Subway) link: Here.

There are various ways of reaching Nami Island but the cheapest you can do it ride the ordinary subway and train route to Gapyeong. From Gapyeong Station, you can buy a whole day bus ticket that will take you to the four most visited tourist spots in Gapyeong namely: Rail Bike, Nami Island, Petite France, and Morning Calm Arboretum.

Although I couldn't distinguish the trees since there weren't a lot of leaves to begin with, I find the white balloon installations here really pretty. I guess Spring and Fall are the best season to visit this area.

Plan your visit properly if you want to get to all four places. I only wanted to visit three though so I wasn't in a hurry. 

Wear comfortable clothes and footwear since the Gapyeong tour is a lot of walk. The picture above is taken at the Morning Calm Arboretum which I liked more than Nami! heehhe. Sad that I had to go back to Seoul even before the light display started. Looking at the frozen lake was enough though. :) HAHAHA! Not to mention that Park Seo Joon had a shoot here too for the Kdrama "She Was Pretty"

I arrived at Seoul earlier than expected so I still had the time to go around. I visited Dongdaemun and Cheongyecheon Stream before going back to the hotel. There are two subway stations for Dongdaemun area, choose the Dongdaemun Arts and Plaza if you want to go to this LED Rose art installations. 

I will definitely be back for you, Seoul!!! <3

It was cold so there weren't a lot of people there but it was something that I liked more. HAHAHA! Although this is called Yeouido Park, the closest subway station to this part of the park is Yeoinaru. 

Grateful for this Seoul trip and for all the future trips to South Korea. 

Should you find yourself short in Won, you can have your peso exchanged in Myeongdong. Just look for the one with the most reasonable price. The best one I saw was the money changer near Myeongdong Supermarket. I heard that the one near the Chinese Embassy has good rate too. 

I didn't go to the love locks nor rode the cable car. Still, Namsan is Namsan. :)

The cable car station and the bus stop to Namsan can both be found in Myeongdong. Should you lose your way, there are tourists assistance spots in there.

Thanks to Park Seo Joon's guesting in 2 days, 1 night Variety program, I found a TV show that I really like. Only thing is that my Korea bucketlist for places and food keeps getting longer and longer. Thankful for my three years multiple entry visa, Korea has become a piso fare away. hahaha! 

The apple of my eye. <3
Hope to see you in person, Seo Joon oppa!!

It's so ironic that I've always wanted to do this trip but then when I had the chance, I wasn't (financially) ready. Korea Feb. 2018 is seriously a surprise.  I mean, I did visit a lot of places but I expected that I'd be able to eat more food that those I had. I want to try Jajangmyeon, legit Chicken and Beer, Soondae etc. 2 days and 1 night's fault!! hehehe. Hopefully, on my next visits, I'd be able to do a food tour as well. :) 

But I made it work. My heart is happy. I am grateful for this experience and I am looking forward for more. 

I'll be posting my complete itinerary soon. <3

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