(4D4N) Macau Travel Itinerary; 'Cause it's more than a day tour

Even before I knew I was going to South Korea, I already had plans for Macau 2018. My friend, whom I met in Las Vegas last 2016, and I thought that there's nothing better than going to the Las Vegas of Asia for the second anniversary of our friendship. haha! 

We've been told countless times by the people we shared our plans to that, "There's nothing to see in Macau." but we stood firm with our initial decision. We couldn't comprehend what their thoughts were because as far as we are concerned, a day trip from Hong Kong is definitely not enough. Still, it depends on the travel style of a person because what we find enjoyable may not be for everyone.
 I'll just set aside HK trip some other time.

Macau was enough and it has successfully captured our hearts. Here are some pictures from our Macau trip that is not a day tour. hehe. We were there for four days and four nights - I will be posting the itinerary soon (?)

Macau Beyond Casinos

Places to Visit in Macau that aren't casinos

The craziest thing that we experienced in Macau is that there are a lot of places that have same names with those places that we have visited in the states. I mean, casino and hotel names are given... but Fisherman's Wharf? Lol. Okay. Fisherman's Wharf is a general name but still. <3

Anyway, unlike San Fo's Fisherman's Wharf, you'll find a replica of Rome's Colloseum there - it's not only a mini-Vegas, it's also a mini-Europe (though I haven't been to Europe so I'm not quite sure haha lolz)

Lou Lim Ieoc Garden

One of the most beautiful garden that I've been too. It has lots of flowers and different varieties of bonsai trees. It is also where the tea museum is located and both are free admission.

This is the north border of Macau and Mainland China. Near Sun Yat Sen Park, you'll see a lot of factory outlet stores. The reason for that is people travelling back to China buy items in this area because it's cheaper near the border. The only thing I'm not sure are the bus stops 'cause we only walked most of the times/ rode the free shuttle bus.

We had a hard time locating the bus stop and when we did, we still had to transfer line to get to the Kun Iam Statue so we decided to walk back to the border and take MGM Macau's free shuttle bus. 

You can find a lot of casinos in Macau Peninsula but the newer ones are in Cotai Strip. We went to this part of Macau because of the hotel that we were to have dinner in and also, we thought that this was the Wynn Hotel that had the performance lake.

If this was Vegas, Macau Peninsula hotels would be those in Fremont Area.

A-Ma Temple
Oldest temple in Macau

A-Ma Temple is the reason how Macau got its name... but that's for another post. Look at those people at the back and they were busy rubbing the handle of what looks like a sauce pan with water. I researched on that later that day and according to what I read, if the water jumps while you're rubbing the handle, you'll be lucky in the casino for that day. Had I known when we were still in the temple, I should've tried what they were doing as well. HAHA!

I have no problems visiting Taoist Temples 'cause just like what I wrote in my Cebu post - I find Taoism very interesting. In fact, I have gone to numerous Taoist temples already. I would have enjoyed this temple more if I had someone who explained to me the details of everything that's in there. Nonetheless, it was a good experience.

Good luck having your photo taken at Ruins of St. Paul without other tourists photobombing your photo. Good thing we found a replica. :))

Macau isn't all about casinos - for me, it's more about the mixed Chinese and Portuguese culture. Above is just one of the places why I fell inlove with Macau. 
Despite the crowd of people in the old city, you'll find a lot of quiet places.

The only reason why gave in to Macau Tower's glass floor/observation deck is because there's food included HAHAHAHA. We purchased vouchers from Klook and Golden Reel. I believe buying there is cheaper than buying on site. This is like the Stratosphere of Macau.

[Klook Links]
Macau Tower Admission 
Macau Tower 360° Café Lunch Buffet with Free Admission Ticket
Macau Tower 360° Café Afternoon Tea & Sky High Views
Macau Tower Skywalk with Free Admission

The highest 8-figure Ferris Wheel. It was foggy that night so we didn't really see a lot while riding it.

As for the Cotai Strip a.k.a that part of Macau that is most similar to Las Vegas - it has its own charm. It felt nostalgic at first but I've learned to appreaciate it as it is. Hindi culture-shocking na version ng Las Vegas, mas madaling lakarin, mas malapit, at mas madaling mag picture.

 It's way smaller than Vegas Strip but walking inside the hotels and shopping areas are more confusing. 

Hac Sa Beach

We made sure to visit the beach so it's really a complete Macau tour and also because we saw pictures of the very beautiful coastal trail in Coloane. 

While I'll choose the beaches in the Philippines in a heart beat, walking along this coastal trail is a very memorable experience. SOBRANG GANDA!! The trail is well paved and the big rocks surrounding it is very picturesque. According the guide, this whole trail is more than 2 KMs long but we stopped after 1KM because we still had a lot of places to go to. Villa Chok Wan Hou in was bit farther than the rest stop.

Bus fare in Coloane are more expensive than the bus fare in Taipa and Macau peninsula so make sure you're riding the right bus.

After the morning trek, we went back to the Macau Panda Pavillion in hopes that we'll see awake and playing pandas but they were all sleeping. 

We then left the pavilion and went to the gas station where the free shuttle to the A-Ma Temple and Cultural Village is located. The Cultural Village is undergoing renovation so we didn't attempt to enter that part. However, we were lucky that there was a sea of clouds as we arrived. <3 There was clearing around 10 minutes after taking the photo above.

After looking at the sea of clouds and beautiful view of Coloane and Taipa, we hiked further up to the world's tallest statue of the goddess A-Ma/ Tin Hau. 
On our first night when we got lost there, you can see the lighted A-Ma statue on the hill - parang pino-protektahan niya 'yung buong Macau. 

Goddess A-Ma is the goddess of the Sea.

Taken after having lunch at Lord Stowe's restaurant. <3 

I've always wanted to visit that place that is flashed in the screen of MGM Cotai. Ang ganda! <3 I'm liking China more and more ever since visiting Taiwan. 

Still amazed that we were able to go to all these eight places and more, even those which weren't in Google map yet (halos buong Macau- dagat, bundok, temple, casino, border etc.) Nung naligaw kami, gabi na, hindi pa namin ma-locate sarili namin sa Google map tapos may language barrier pa sa tatlong taong nakita namin. 

Hahahaha! Break na kasi kami ni Lee Min Ho kaya di ko na masyadong type hanapin kung saan sila rito sa Venetian nag-break ni Geum Jan Di.

If you're for the pictorial with the replica of Eiffel Tower, you're better off going to Macau's Parisian than the one in Vegas. I don't recall what happened but I don't have a decent picture at Vegas' Parisian. Must also be because of the spaces though. Medyo masikip 'yung nasa Vegas.

Our hotel is in Taipa Area so we put the Taipa Houses last in our itinerary. Turns out that it wasn't a good idea since we missed out on a lot of affordable restaurants in the area. The usual food in casinos cost around 80 MOP but looking at the options in Taipa, there were meals for half the price of those in casinos.

You can also choose to buy food here since there are a lot of shops where you can buy pasalubongs here. May Lord Stow's, may Koi Kei and many others. Good thing I waited before buying in the casinos 'cause some are even 15 MOP cheaper in this area.

Upon seeing the cable car in Wynn Palace, we kind of felt sad because we also wanted to try riding it but it looks expensive. Nakapag-cable car na rin naman kami sa Guia Lighthouse so baka okay na 'yon. However, while taking pictures at the Performance Lake, there was a notice that the cable car is a complimentary ride to Wynn Palace. AHAHAHHAAH OMG!!!!! We immediately went to the loading area. We liked it so much we returned to Wynn the next day for another cable car and to try their fancy Starbucks. 

Macau is the perfect balance of activity, culture and food. I really like the time we spent there and even if we have been to almost all the places - it's a place where I will always consider going back to. 

I've included a map below and those with pins are the places that we were able to go to.

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