SVT's Be The Sun Manila Day 2 (Wen Junhui Biased...)

It's been forever since I last posted a blog entry. Anyway, here are some photos I took during Seventeen's Be The Sun in Manila. Second fangirling event after two years! So happy. HAHA. We were able to go to the fan meeting of Ro Woon a few months ago since we got free tickets from Globe but I wasn't able to post about that.

I took a lot of videos that's why I only have a few photos - most of which are of Junhui. HAHAHA!

Good call since I won't be able to attend the December concert then I'll just wallow in sadness and watch the videos I took. lol

Although Junhui is my bias, can't deny that Joshua has a very sexy and soothing voice. Kinda want him to read me stories and I can listen to him all day long. 


I won't be seeing you on your Be the Sun Bulacan concert but I'll see you again someday... somewhere. hehe

My boy anime 😂😂😂


Just had to take photos with this Christmas Tree hahaha If you know why, you know. 

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