Back in Cebu City- First flyout since 2020

Back in the Queen City of the South - CEBU

Boracay was our destination but while booking flights, we saw an 8-hour opportunity and we grabbed it. 

We saw that there was a flight with an 8-hour layover in Cebu en route to Caticlan and so we took that. However, a few days before our trip, the layover was shortened to 5 hours. 

Basically, this is a three-hour day trip.

Disregarding the potential of a delayed flight and traffic congestion in Cebu - we took the risk and pushed through this crazy idea. We're glad we did. 

Our reason for this layover was because we only wanted to accomplish three things:

1. See Sirao Garden
2. See Little Kyoto

This isn't a practical decision tbh 'cause of the additional cost and the cramped tour schedule so I won't recommend this especially for those who haven't toured around Cebu but since we did this, I will be sharing some photos.

We rented a car and had a driver with us for the entire 3-4 hours so I don't know how to get to these places using public transportation.

Entrance Fee: P 70.00 

Entrance Fee: P 100.00

May our Tokyo heartbreak get a revenge so our hearts can heal someday. Our cancelled trip in 2020 would become three years ago in a few weeks but we still feel sad and regretful whenever Japan is mentioned. Hahaha! Ang hirap mag let go! 😂 

Since hindi pa kaya ulit ng totoong Tokyo, dito muna. 

Entrance Fee: P 100.00

Overlooking Metro Cebu! I would love to spend an afternoon/night here drinking beer and eating isaw. That seems fun!


Mukhang horror pala  'yung naka-blur na tao sa background. hahaha! 

Our driver recommended that we visit this place as well since it's in the area but we didn't have enough time. Thinking of posting this too once I post the individual posts for the places above. 

This for P 350.00 (?) 

I don't remember paying this much when we dined in a Cebu Lechon restaurant before but yeah, we didn't have enough time to eat outside nor did we have another choice aside from paying the exorbitant airport price for a meal. We thought, "kesa umalis kami ng Cebu ng hindi nakatikim ng lechon." Buti na lang masarap 'to.

Photo from pungko-pungko.

This is also a must-try when in Cebu.

 Blogging and taking photos to post on this blog feels weird now. It used to be natural before but I feel awkward now. HAHA! I didn't even took photos with the intentions of making a guide online but I decided that I keep this blog going (12th year this 2023 😳😳😳) and try to update frequently again, I'm paying for the domain after all. 

Book yours here: 

1. Private Twin City (Cebu and Mactan) Tour
2. Car Charter

Everything, in time. 💖

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