Boracay: Updated Fees and Hop On, Hop Off Bus Review

Planning to go to the island? Here's a step by step guide for a DIY and updated fees (2023). 

It was raining hard when we landed at Caticlan Airport so it took a while before we deplaned. You actually have several options going to Boracay since there are a lot of tourist packages. We did DIY 'cause we didn't expect the rain. Haha. 

Want to skip the hassle?

From outside the airport, you have to walk across the road and from there, you may ride a tricycle to the port. Rates are standardized so have no fear of overcharging drivers. 

Tricycle from the Airport to Port - P 75.00
Environmental Fee - P 150.00
Terminal Fee - P 100.00 
Boat Fare - P 50.00

Total - P 375.00

Tavon Port Local Fees 2023

Tabon Port Terminal Local Fees

There are two functioning ports in Boracay Island namely: Tambisaan and Cagban Jetty Ports. Tambisaan is the port for when the waves are high while Cagban is the one usually used. You don't have to pay much attention to this 'cause the residents know which one to use. I heard it's updated daily and broadcasted over the local radio station. 

After paying all the fees, you head straight to the boat. The ride took around 15 minutes. Fairly fast and not confusing even for first-timers. 

The rain was continuous that night so I wasn't able to take a lot of photos but this is basically it. Upon arriving at the port, there are multicabs waiting in the area if you didn't avail of pick-up services. 


Below is our experience riding the newest transportation option in Boracay: Hop On Hop Off Bus from Southwest Tours.

This is our second time going to Boracay so rather than doing the usual touristy and tiring stuff like water activities 😁, we decided to take it calm and slow visiting the different beaches, tourist attractions, and hotels via this Hop On Hop Off Bus. We saved a lot of money using this because e-tric/multicab was expensive especially if you're not travelling in group. 

On-site, the three-day card costs P 650.00 but it's only P 590.00 online so you might want to consider purchasing online.

Unlimited 1,2,3 and 5 day passes are available. 

The waiting time for the buses aren't long. You're given a map and this QR code so you can track the buses real time. Having this was really convenient and budget-friendly. Multicabs cost around P 50.00 - P 150.00/person/ride so having this fixed-price transportation put our mind (and wallet) at ease. You just have to consult Google Maps for a lot of times and this involves a lot of walking though. 

Since we only got to know about this while in the island, we weren't able to book this during our first night and first morning so we spent P 100.00 each (from port to hotel) and P 300.00 each (from hotel to our breakfast spot v.v.). We didn't expect that multicabs cost so much HAHA. We initially thought that transportation expense will be the biggest based on these three rides but thankfully we decided to search and ask about the Hop On, Hop Off bus. 

Know your itinerary beforehand so you can compute which mode of transportation is more cost-effective. If you're not planning on leaving stations 1-3 then there's no need for this. If you're like us and want to visit distant places and the other beaches around Boracay throughout your stay then this your best choice.

However, if you plan on visiting the farther beaches and sites in one day then hiring a multicab for a day tour is also a good option. 

You're given this card as well. This is what you'll show the bus conductor every time you're riding the bus.

This isn't exclusive to tourists. This is actually a transportation for the locals so expect that some stops and time can be quite packed with people. They pay lower fare and they can pay with cash but for tourists, availing this card is your only option since you won't be allowed to pay in cash nor ride the bus without this. 

One of the waiting areas for the bus. This area is where D'Mall and Bulabog Lake (H8) are. We stayed in Azalea Hotel (will post a review soon) and just outside our hotel was a station so it was a lot more convenient for us. 

Felt like a private transfer 'cause no one was with us on our ride from the hotel (H6) to the port (H1). 

Cagban Jetty Port

Bye, Bora!

Until next time.

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