Boracay, Philippines: Puka Shell Beach with Crystal Kayak

During my first trip in Boracay, "Hindi ka nakapag-Boracay kung wala kang henna tattoo." was my thinking. For this trip, "Hindi ka nakapag-Boracay kung hindi ka nakapag-pictorial sa crystal kayak at wala kang hair braid." These two were our top must-dos. HAHAHA. 

It was a cloudy afternoon. We were happy that it wasn't hot so "photoshoot" wouldn't be so uncomfortable but then a clear and bright day would look better in photos according to our guide. Well, anyway...

We rode the hop on, hop off bus to get here. In 2018, I thought that Puka Beach was an island. HAHAHA! I learned, though, that it was just an assumption on my part just because this place was a part of our boat tour. 

The downside of taking the bus was we couldn't immediately ride back since we were soaked and it felt like we were gonna disrespect other passengers if we ride it with our clothes dripping wet. Of course, one of your option is to have dry clothes you can change to before riding. 

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We also had our hair braid done here. Mine costs P 200.00 and I left it on my hair for the next two days. 

Prior to our trip, I was thinking whether I'd be able to pose properly but that was needless 'cause the guide/photographer/kuya kayak would definitely make sure that you'd have more than enough poses and pictures in one session. HAHAHA. Ang lala. Sanay na ko mag picture ng mag picture sa lagay na'to pero parang gusto ko na lang sumuko. HAHAHAHA

For the crystal kayak, it was kinda available everywhere but they said that it originated from here. You know how they peddle day tours/boat tours/paragliding activities in white beach? They also sell crystal kayak experience. 

Crystal Kayak here is P 300.00 according to my list of expenses. But I think it was only P 250.00 and gave P 50.00 as my tip for Kuya's good service and photography skills. 😂😂😂

We walked around for about an hour to dry our clothes a bit. Unlike before, there aren't a lot of stores in this place now but there are several photo spots scattered along the shore. 

There weren't a lot of people that afternoon. Tourist arrivals haven't gone back to pre-COVID number but I'm pretty sure they'd receive more travelers in the coming months especially in summer. I've noticed a lot of people doing their revenge travels already. ahaha

I've been wearing facemasks for almost three years now and the only time that I got injured was in Bora. We were eating breakfast then I suddenly tasted blood in the food I was chewing. Haha. Turns out that scraped the top of my lip using the wire of my facemask. 'Yung totoo, ba't may matulis na alambre pala doon??? 

Puka Beach in 2017

Those huts and stores are no longer in the area.

Puka Beach is located at the northern tip of the island. This is the last stop of the Northbound Hop on, Hop off buses. Ofc, first stop of the Southbound buses. 

2018 me thinking, "Hindi ka nakapag-Bora kapag wala kang Henna Tattoo. HAHAHA"

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