Pinto Art Museum, Antipolo, Rizal

This has been in my backlog for a year now. Mabilis ko na-post considering I have several backlogs from 5 years ago. Haha! Those probably won't make it here in my blog. Anyway, when we visited, it was still prohibited to remove facemasks but I have some photos without mask 'cause pasaway like that. Sorry, Pinto. 😛

Kulay Rosas ang bukas🌹🌹🌹

Visited a few days before the presidential elections. Oh, those were the days. 

Let me just show you some photos from the art museum 'cause it's really difficult for me to say things about art appreciation. HAHAHA!

For the several times that I've visited the National Museum, I've always have goosebumps visiting that room filled with caskets and burial jars but I didn't feel that here. Probably because of lighting.

Wishing on the wishing well that someday sa Trevi Fountain na ko magwi-wish. Luh

Pinto Art Museum is wide and you would really need the map they provide as a guide. It was scorching that afternoon so we definitely weren't able to go to all the exhibits and places here.

For the aesthetic? Yes. 
For art lovers? Definitely.

Hindi po talaga ko maalam sa art pero keri lang. Museum ay musuem. HAHAHA

Everything, in time. 💖

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