Samsung Galaxy A54 5G - Sample Photos

Sample Photos Samsung A54 5G

Sharing some photos taken using my Samsung Galaxy A54 5G. When I was deciding to buy the phone, all I searched for were sample photos ahahha so here you go. I'm trying to help someone who can't decide. lol.

DISCLAIMER: I'm not a professional nor good at this but you know, I've been blogging for years so.... these will do. 😂

 These photos were taken in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. 

NOTE: PHOTOS WERE TAKEN BEFORE THE ONE UI 6 UPDATE. As of editing (December 2023), the camera felt like it downgraded? I don't know how to explain but the photo quality these days isn't as good as before. Panget talaga. 🫠🫠🫠🫠 Hope the next update fixes the problem. Kakadisappoint! 🫠

Anyway, a year later, ang mura na nito, guyssssss. Ang bilis bumaba ng price luhhhh

Buti na lang sulit na sulit ko 'yung camera nitong phone kahit may mga issue paminsan. Saka, years ang support and updates. Haynako, samsung ha.  🤣🤣🤣

Samsung Galaxy A54 Sample Photos

I haven't tried taking lots of macro photos but they're obviously not the best. The photos turn out dull whenever that mode is chosen or whenever in low light. 

Samsung Galaxy A54 Sample Photos

On a bright day, the photos turn out excellent. Personally, I don't find them oversaturated like what I read in some reviews. 

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Blurring in portrait mode is superb as well especially if the surrounding is bright.

Against the light photos are good as well - not just showing the silhouette. 

Samsung Galaxy A54 Sample Photos

Samsung Galaxy A54 Sample Photos

Food Mode

I don't know if it's the lighting. Sometimes it's good like the photo above, most of the times they're just oversaturated. 

Samsung Galaxy A54 Sample Photos

What surprised me is how well the phone captures night shots. 

You won't even have to look for the night mode 'cause it automatically adjusts the mode when used at night.

Samsung Galaxy A54 Sample Photos

Samsung Galaxy A54 Sample Photos

Used object remover tool on the right photo. 

Samsung Galaxy A54 Sample Photos

Portrait shots are good as well. Uhm, lagi kasi akong maganda? HAHAHAHA

Samsung Galaxy A54 Sample Photos

Zoomed photo on the right. Hi, Lee Min Ho oppa!

.05 shots are good as well. This mode was my most used mode when in Vietnam because I wanted to capture more of the background.

Cheers, Ho Chi Minh!
Feels good to be back after six years. Didn't even realized how much I missed eating Vietnamese cuisine until I had my first bite of my favorite bun thit nuong. hahahhaa!

Overall, I think Samsung Galaxy A54 5G has a good phone camera and is an excellent all-rounder phone especially if you're like me who's not really well-versed and nit-picky with regards to specifications of cellphones.

My reasons why I liked this phone:

1. Good camera 
2. I like how it looks like especially the color I got - lime. 
3. Long battery life especially when power saving mode is on.
4. You can automatically input a signature/ sign the photo when cropping a screenshot - this is my favorite feature work-wise. 
5. The display is vibrant. 
6. Water resistant
7. The price point is just enough for me. I don't go higher than this when buying cellphones. hehe


What do you think?

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