Buddy's Pancit Lucban at Longganisang Lucban

I have never attended Quezon's Pahiyas Festival but upon entering Buddy's Restaurant at Timog, it seems like I kind of know what decorations to expect if ever I'd attend the Festival.  We've passed by there before and noticed their tagline, "Parang fiesta araw-araw." 

This is a self-service restaurant. Is that how you call it? when you need to order first before sitting down? Their service was good too though, the waiters paid attention to the customers. 

With all the kiping and sunflower designs, they really are keeping up with their tagline. The ambiance is great and the colors were pleasing to the eyes.

Foods are reasonably priced although we only got to eat two kinds. Pizza and Pancit Lucban. 

This is a solo pizza. I am not sure what the price is but it ranges from 100.00 to 135.00. I was supposed to order Longganiza but upon seeing this from the menu, I decided to order one. Longganiza and Quesong Puti Supreme Pizza. It's kind of different 'cause this is a combination of local and western taste, nevertheless, I loved it. 

And Pancit Lucban. This is good for 2-3 persons worth around P 140.00. This was delicious but we weren't able to eat everything  'cause the serving was big and I was already full from eating all 3 slices of pizza. 

I'd love to go back there to try their other foods and better yet, their pizza again.

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