Villa Socorro Sabanana Chips

I've always loved banana chips (come to think of it, there's nothing I don't love) and Villa Socorro Sabanana Chips is the best I've eaten so far; it had the right amount of sweetness and crunch and each chip is so thin. I bought this at East Ave. Hospital for P 40.00 together with Marc Daniel's Soya Milk for P 35.00. I was meaning to buy another pack but forgot to pass by the kiosk before leaving. Tsk.

On the other hand, Marc Daniel's Soya Milk was so-so. Maybe I'm just used to the variant I'm buying at groceries. The one in a glass bottle.

If Villa Socorro Sabanana Chips is readily available anywhere then it'd be great 'cause I've been looking for it in nearby groceries but there's none. 

For the meantime, I'd just look around and hope that I could spot this treat again. 

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