Chef D' Angelo Buffet at MOA

We were looking for a restaurant to eat at and passed by Chef D' Angelo. At their window was a tarpaulin about the pizza, pasta, salad, soup eat-all-you can for P150.00. We decided to eat there 'cause we were all hungry and got nowhere else that we can think of.

So okay, upon entering it turned out to be a P 225.00 buffet. Why? I think because they included rice meals  in the choices that there was a P 25.00 increase plus P 50.00 for bottomless drinks.

These are what I had.
Rice Pillaff, Breaded Fish with Sauce, Boiled Young Potatoes with Dressing (?), Caesar Salad, Anchovy Pizza. There are actually around 3 kinds of pasta sauces, 2 viands, 2 kinds of pizza, soup and other vegetables for the salad to choose from. They always refill their buffet with different kinds of foods so just hope that they'd refill it with something which you like. In my case, I hoped for a pepperoni pizza.

Pepperoni Pizza and Another round of potatoes.

Margherita Pizza

Buffet on weekdays starts at 6 PM and ends by 8 PM. For P 175.00, it's worth it considering that you can eat everything you want and an ala carte pizza+pasta combo meal there from what I remember costs around  P 145.00. So there, another carbo-loading meal and sugar level increase because of the iced teas. Whatever.

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