Jumbo Sized Milk Tea at Serenitea

When you order a large milk tea from those included in their top ten list, you get upgraded to their jumbo size. This promo ended yesterday though, December 19

I'm more on the not so sweet side when it comes to milk teas.
I always make sure my orders have less sugar.
Just like my Pearl Milk Tea in Moonleaf and Oolong Tea Mousse in Chatime, I found my Serenitea cup of tea in Okinawa with egg pudding sinker, less ice and 50% sugar.
But I also liked Hokkaido milk tea. ^^

Given that I drank 3 liters of milk tea in the past three days because of this promo, I think I should say goodbye to milk teas for now. Or IDK, hahaha. :)

We had Serenitea at the newly-opened branch at Congressional Town Center.

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