Maybelline's Baby Lips in Mixed Berry

 I've passed by this lip balm for a lot of times already but I ignore it everytime since I have my HHN lip balms. 

One day, my friend and I was walking at a mall.

"Wala ka bang dalang lip balm dyan? Ang putla at dry lips mo pa."
"Naiwan eh."
"Bili muna kaya tayo? Hindi naman mahal 'yun diba?"

Are my dry parched lips that disturbing?! 
Whatever. I found something I really love using because of that.

Headed to the nearest Watson's and bought this one. If it's not P 79.00, it's P 89.00. I'm not sure what the exact price is but definitely below P 90.00.

This one's in mixed berry that looks pale pink but once you apply it on your lips, the color would transform to a tinge of red. Depending on how much you apply (and the natural color of your lips)

I love the smell, the taste ;) and the color of this one. It also moisturizes my lips well. There were other "promises" with how this works in the packaging, I threw it away without thinking that I might review this here.

Lips swatch. HAHAHA. Such an awkward yet grossly fun thing to do.

Another thing that I liked about this so much...

It may add color to my lips yet they're still natural-looking.

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