HHN Natural Smoothing Serum

If you were able to visit here before, you probably know that I'm quite loyal  with Human Heart Nature. I have a lot of their products that I use daily. And, this Hair Serum is an addition. This one's a new product and the moment I saw it being sold from their facebook page I'm following; I immediately contacted Ate that I'm ordering this one from her.

P 199.75
50 ml

The growing part of my hair is frizzy and unruly (that's my natural hair) so I'm actually about to look for a hair serum, good thing this product was released in time. Though I sometimes use HHN's Sunflower Oil at times when my hair go out of control, I don't want to use it daily because I feel like all the dirt and pollution stick to my hair easily whenever I commute. It would have that unpleasant smell even before the days ends. 

The problem part of my hair aren't the roots but halfway; that part where my rebonded and natural hair meet is the only part that I want to cut, if that's possible.

After towel-drying my hair, I apply it concentrating on the midpart. I don't wait for my hair to completely dry because I figured it works better for me when applied before my hair air dries. I like that it tames my unruly hair, has a mild scent, "calms down" that part (If you had your hair straightened or have seen anyone that has her hair straightened, you probably know what I'm talking about), makes my hair shinier, doesn't feel sticky and greasy even if it's made from oils (sunflower, soy bean and broccoli at that!) and of course, it's 100% natural.

The only thing that I didn't like about this is the pump. It's hard to control how much product it'll dispense, I usually end up getting more than the advised pea-size, my hair being so thick and long would need more than a pea-size though... maybe.

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  1. Me too! I also apply the serum while my hair is still damp.:) Here's my own review: http://lifebeyondpinkstripes.blogspot.com/2013/05/human-nature-smoothing-hair-serum.html