Quezon Memorial Circle

Celebrated Post-Christmas at Circle

First off, is the one-hour bike rental which costs P 80.00 with free kaskaserong bikers and all sort of persons/things that bring you closer to accidents. hahaha. Joke, it's Christmas season still that's why it's jumpacked.

We were looking for "tusok-tusok" vendors but none of them sold fishballs anymore (ubos na!) so we ended up munching on the fried isaw and calamares which are sold P 3.00 each. I ate worth P 18.00 of those.

We entered Circle of Fun, the entrance fee is P 40.00. 
(P 10.00 increase!)

First ride is this I forgot the name but the ticket is P 40.00 per person.
First time seating at the very end of the boat, or not, can't remember but yea, so fun!

Second, we rode Wild Wind or their version of the roller coaster. For someone who has ridden Space Shuttle Max in EK, this doesn't give that much feel, but still worth a try though, meron isang bilog eh. But still this tops my list being the most painful and haggard roller coaster! Next is the now-not-available-cyclone loop in Star City.

Next is this "Kiddie Ride" or we thought so worth P 30.00
If your world has been stagnant these past days, ride this and be prepared to be turned upside-down!

If you've ever wondered how it feels like to be a dress thrown in a washer, then ride this!

If you haven't laughed your heart out these past days, ride this and be prepared for a laughing galore!

If you're someone who easily gets dizzy and is not a thrill-seeker, then skip this. Baka sisihin mo pa 'ko!

But this ride was the highlight of the night,  we didn't expect anything that hardcore as in maraming 360 degrees turn, para ka talagang nasa washing machine at shampoo commercial! Kaya pala pinaiwan 'yung bag sa labas. 

Parang kami, "Ano ba 'yan, kiddie ride naman 'to!!!"

Si squirrel ride, "Kiddie ride pala ha! Teka!"
Rode this the second time, still at the very end of the boat. Natuwa?
Hindi ko na maalala 'yung name nito, pero ito 'yung Vikings ng Star City at Anchor's Away ng E.K.

Then we realized, "Ay, hindi natin napuntahan 'yung Christmas lights!"

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