SamboKojin (Japanese and Korean Eat-All-You-Can)

A.K.A Prawns-All-You-Can

Already my third time eating there and I don't have an idea how to make this a little bit different from my two previous posts but here it goes.

Shemay, nami-miss ko na buhaghag-free hair. Kailangan na magpa-rebond. hahaha!

My sushi!

Sushi and some Korean banchan or side-dishes.

Myeolchi bokkeum (멸치볶음
) or stir-fried small anchovies is my favorite among the banchan available there.

I also got some Kimchi 
(김치), braised baby potatoes (알감자 조림), stir-fried spinach/ Kongnamul (콩나물) and on the picture above this, I got a slice of Korean Pancake/ Pajeon (파전).

This is the funny or embarrassing part of our lunch.
I don't recall if I've written this here but I love shrimps. Instead of re-sampling everything, I decided to only eat prawns after I've eaten my first two plates. The two ladies sitting on the table beside us kept glancing and after sometime got their own plate of tiger shrimps to grill too. I don't know if they recognized me (There's a possibility of that happening had they blog-hopped before dining at Sambo
) or they just couldn't believe how we were able to eat that much prawns. hahahaha.

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