Lugaw, Bed, Flood and Everything Weather

Two consecutive typhoons.

The previous typhoon flooded Northern Luzon and another's currently flooding the Southern area of Luzon. #PrayforthePhilippines

It's Quezon City Day today, a holiday for the residents of Q.C.

It's a good thing that we live in a place that isn't prone to flooding so no matter how heavy the rain is, we don't usually have problems with flood. The only problems we experience during these times are the slow internet connection and blackouts that thankfully we haven't experienced yet.

My prayers are with the people who've been experiencing worse things because of the inclement weather.

I have never craved for lugaw.
But for two consecutive days, I ate lugaw. Why? Simply because it's #lugawweather too.

I've been in this lugaw place (Uring and Thes
) near Mindanao Avenue toll gate of NLEX for two times now and I must say that they serve pretty good and of course, very affordable lugaw. Not to mention that they have super good vinegar to match my ever favorite fried tofu with. 

My sister insisted to have her Starbucks fix.

It's one of those days when we eat cheap by eating a bowl of lugaw worth P 8.00 then drive thru Starbucks and buy a Venti size of SB drink worth P 180.00.

Guess which one's my order?

Of course, it's Matcha!!! I should've ordered hot matcha latte though. Hot drinks match our weather well and I haven't tried drinking hot matcha. Oh wells.

Thank You for this day.
God, Please Bless and Protect everyone more. 
A lot of casualties have been happening lately.


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