Matcha Ice Cream @ Family Mart

Matcha-rap-cha-charap-cha-cha-cha. hahaha!

After weeks of craving, finally!!

Family Mart is a Japanese convenience store and I heard they're going to open more branches in the Philippines. Oh my! please open one in Quezon City- a branch in Trinoma please.

I have nothing much to say about this yet, I'd be going back there someday to try their to-go foods which are mostly Japanese food (obviously haha!like sushi and ramen. From the looks of it, this convenience store can pass as my happy place but here below is the top qualifier.

Matcha Ice Cream for only P 25.00. My gulay!!

I love matcha but I won't deny that satisfying the cravings is expensive 'cause the cheapest matcha drink I can immediately buy costs around P 100.00. In FM, it's P 25.00 for a single serve swirl-all-you-can ice cream. Not bad at all especially since I have a monthly appointment in Ayala area so I can just pass by FM and buy this before heading home.

More practice.
I definitely need more practice.

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