Uji Pyramid at Serenitea

When I was constructing my Matcha Ice Cream @ Family Mart entry, I looked for a post about one of my favorite drinks in Serenitea called Uji Pyramid then I realized that I haven't posted anything here yet. Medyo taken for granted 'tong drink na 'to ah. Haha.
But it's better to be late than never so I'm posting this here now.

Uji Pyramid is a combination of Vanilla ice cream and Japanese matcha slush.

Large size cost P 105.00

Personally, I don't like the combination of red bean and matcha but it's what most stores offer like the one I had in Mochi Cream link: here. This given, Uji Pyramid has become one of my favorite matcha drinks. It's the perfect combination of the grassy taste of matcha and the creaminess of the vanilla ice cream.

I recommended matcha to a friend in hopes that he would also like it as much as I do, then on his first sip he blurted out, "Lasang Damo." or "Tastes like grass." Regardless of what he said, I'll still be what he calls a matcha freak. Anyway, their matcha love story didn't end that day because he "learned" to like it as well after some time. In fact, I was surprised he ordered Uji Pyramid for himself and was able to drink everything without complains. I was waiting for him to give me his order after his first few sips like what he did for two times already. I am disappointed that he drank everything and I don't know what to feel that he is now asking me to take him to Family Mart too. Papalitan na ba trono ko? Hahaha! Acquired taste it is.

Be surprised if it won't have grassy elements, afterall, matcha is powdered green tea leaves.

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