Kyochon Korean-Style Fried Chicken is now in Manila!

I brought my sister and my cousin once removed ('yun daw English translation ng anak ng pinsan eh.) to Megamall to try ice skating. When we all got hungry, we went out of the rink to find a restaurant and then we passed by KyoChon (Building B, Ground Floor of SM Megamall). 

Well, actually a friend of mine already informed me that KyoChon has opened last April but I totally forgot about that until we passed by the resto. 

Since other Korean Style fried chicken restaurants have been around for years now, I was having second thoughts because I just didn't feel that they had something new to offer and my two companions prefer the safe fastfood chains over trying out a new restaurant. But being the oldest (and the one who is to pay our meal), they had no choice but to follow. Thanks to the picture of Lee Min Ho Oppa for luring me in. Lee Min Ho was actually the deciding factor. He's my Korean crush (link: here) and since Kyochon is marketed as "Lee Min Ho's favorite chicken." - ALAMNADIZ. :))

Menu was handed to us as we reached our table. Yes, it is a sit-down restaurant unlike its competitors that usually have a fastfood set-up. 

I was unsure what to order so I got the "basic". 
I ordered Combo 1 + additional rice.
Combo 1 has 10 wings, salad, 2 rice and 2 drinks.

The waiter asked us if we wanted to make this a combination of the four available chicken variants but I told him that we'll stick with the original flavor - soy garlic.

After eating, I asked my companions if they enjoyed and they said yes. We all agreed that KyoChon's is the tastiest of all the Korean Style fried chicken we've had (Even superior to my own version. Imagine that! haha!) . The batter is more flavorful and the meat was tender. It was also not oily even if chicken cooked this way are all fried two times. My cousin once removed (ang awkward lang sabihin nito talaga) even told me that he wants to celebrate his birthday there. That coming from a boy who would pick his favorite KFC fried chicken over any food no matter how delicious looking it is; he must have really liked Kyochon's chicken.

Disclaimer: I'm not saying these because of Lee Min Ho ha. Although he was the reason why we entered, we stayed and enjoyed not because of him but because of our food.  미안해요, 민호 오빠. :))

When I asked for the bill, a Korean lady approached us and asked us if we enjoyed our meal and it was an obvious yes. She told us to come back and try the rest of the variants too which is also an obvious yes.

잘 먹었어. 다시 올게.

All these cost: P 620.00

P.S. I hope that they offer thigh parts as well. :)

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