Eat-All-You-Can at Don-day Korean Restaurant

Already my fifth time in this Korean Grill at Malingap St. in Teacher's Village, Quezon City. 

Yep, just when I thought it couldn't get any better, it could. And, it did.

Now with an air conditioned room and more buffet food choices, Don-Day has managed to remain a budget friendly Korean restaurant priced at P 299.00/person for an unlimited pork slices and P 399.00/person for an unlimited pork and beef slices. How's that? Sounds like, "I have to go there ASAP." Right?

By the way, here are my previous visits at Don-Day:

1. May 2012 link: here.
2. June 2012 link: here.
3. September 2012 link: here.
4. July 2013 link: here. 

I accidentally lowered the pictures' resolution when I added the watermarks so...
They used to have this "carinderia" feels to it last 2012 and they've managed to make the interior more of that "restaurant" feel. I believe that this place was already renovated last July 2013. I just didn't notice it that much then.
Buffet area now have more choices.
And it shall begin again... my love for samgyeopsal!
They didn't have sesame oil that night so duenjang or soybean was enough.
Some of the choices in their buffet. No kimbap for that night but that rice cube with seaweed wrap was jjang (best). Kimchi rice, on the other hand, was obviously hot. I noticed that everything colored in orange was spicier than how I remembered them to be. Kimchi was intense! I got some for my samgyeopsal but I couldn't even bring myself to bite it. I don't know if I'm just not used to the spiciness of Korean food anymore or it was just way too spicy.
Sana may kamote. hehehe.

So this has been it.

Someone send me to Korea pls. :)))))) Send talaga. Hahaha.
Another Korean Eat-All-You can at Quezon City is Hwaroro Korean Grill at Scout Tobias link: here.

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