Hanayo Grill Korean Restaurant (Buffet), Tomas Morato, Quezon City


Hanayo Grill Korean Buffet Restaurant is in Tomas Morato Corner Scout Lozano. If you're not familiar with the street names in the area, this is located across Zirkoh.

Although Hanayo is a bit more expensive compared to the others I've tried since their weekend lunch buffet costs P 580.00/person, it's more than fine to pay that much given that quantity of the choices were more too. Weekday buffet is cheaper though at P 295.00. I just don't know if grilling is included in what they call, "Open Lunch Promo"

We were the first ones to arrive at the restaurant since we arrived there by 11 AM (excited!!) when its opening is at 11:30 AM. The waiter saw us outside and told us to come inside already so we did. 
I felt anxious/shy because the whole 30 minutes, no other customers came. I guess we're the only one who's uninformed that Hanayo Grill opens at 11:30. Still, we enjoyed our dining experience with or without other customers. The place got packed soon after the clock struck 11:30 so it's still better to arrive early. Medyo palusot ko lang 'yan kasi maaga nga kami pero napuno talaga.
We started checking out the food choices from the buffet spread. My "normal" self would look at all the choices and then decide what I am having after seeing everything but that day I decided to stick to what's familiar. Ehem. Samgyeopsal. I was sooo excited to eat samgyeopsal. Hahaha
I now feel a bit regretful not tasting these and not even knowing what are in these chaffing dishes. 
Side dishess..

Beside these sidedishes are bowls of bibimbap, kimchi jiggae and sundubu jiggae all of which you can order to the waiter. The jiggae options are new to me since the other buffet restaurants only serve them ala carte and not inclusive in the buffet.
Meat Options Samgyeopsal
There are seven meat options but I only tried three.
Beef strips, samgyeopsal strips and the marinated pork strips.

I didn't try everything out that time since all I wanted was to eat samgyeopsal which I have been craving for the longest time. 
Kimbap and Sushi
They have kimbap and california maki as well. 
Grilling Samgyeopsal
We started grilling our meat and I went back to look at the other buffet options.
And there, from the twigim or fried section were tempura, breaded fish fillet and fried chicken. 
Then I went back to get myself more pieces of kimbap and sushi but then I saw slices of tuna and salmon sashimi so I got some too.

Although Korean people like eating these raw fish slices too, it's a surprise seeing tempura, sushi and sashimi on a Korean buffet. This is the first I've gone to one that serve Japanese cuisine as well.
Korean Tea which is also buffet inclusive

This isn't sweet but I liked how light the tea taste was. This Korean tea was my water when I was there. Perfect drink as we stuffed our mouths with fatty porky goodness of samgyeopsal.
Korean Ice Cream Choices
And just when you thought you've "unearthed" all surprises Hanayo has in store for their customers, you'll find out than even these Korean ice creams are buffet inclusive. I mean, is this a dream come true?! Seriously, my sister and my cousin's son ate like 6 pieces each. I wont say how many sticks I ate but it's less than what they had; 5 siguro? HAHAHAHA. 

See, I told you Hanayo is a must try! My companions are all Korean buffet first-timers but they enjoyed, probably more than I did since they still kept on talking about the pork slices and the ice creams. Bawal mag-move on?! Hayy, galing galing ko talaga mag-recruit ng mga tao. hahaha. Welcome to the world where you'll crave for Korean food once in a while.

As we were leaving, the owner escorted us to door and he said Kamsahamnida which is the Korean word for Thank you. And I answered him in Korean as well so we kind of exchanged some lines, I said something like we're so full and we're coming back again. 

When I said that I am coming back again, the heavens must have listened to me intently that when I posted our picture yesterday in my Facebook account, three of my friends told me that we should go back. Oh wells, I'm more than willing to. Hehehe. 

P.S. Heavens, why is it that whenever I say that I want to go to Korea you seem to cover your ears and ignore me? Oh wells, I'm also more than willing to wait for your YES, I'm sending you to Korea. HAHAHAHA. Assumera but I'll definitely make that happen! 
Huhubells.  I'll wait patientlyyyyy for that fated day. 


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