Lesser Known Beach of Dingalan, Aurora - Matawe Beach and Rock Formation

My friend and I went there without an itinerary and a proper research of the place aside from us wanting to climb the Mountain View also known as Batanes of the East.  Luck was on our side since we met the officer in charge of their Tourism desk while riding the FX and she instructed us to head straight to the feeder port. At the feeder port, we met the president of the local tourism association, Kuya Albert. 

That morning we talked with Kuya Albert regarding the places that we can visit on our limited budget, we had P 2,000 to spend for two days.

And we soon agreed with this itinerary:

1st Day

Matawe Beach
Tan-Awan Falls

2nd Day

Mountain View
White Beach

Please note that Dingalan, Aurora will be sooooooooooo much cheaper if you're travelling in groups. A group of four to six is an ideal number kasi kasya sa tricycle. Ours was expensive 'cause only two of us shared the expenses.

We checked in early, changed our clothes and headed to the sea.

No one else was there with us.

We had this whole paradise to ourselves. Worth the price! :))

After exploring this rocky stretch, we were told that we're going to the rock formation. 

We rode the tricycle again and they brought us this part where the rock formation is.

It was low tide that afternoon so we were able to walk towards the rock formation. During hightide, we were told that we'll only be able to see high and strong waves hitting the rocks. 

Good thing that I was wearing my hiking sandals back there because it was kind of slippery. 

While walking towards the rock formation, we saw an interesting secret that you can only see during low tide.

There's a part wherein you can see the seawater bubbling up and down the cracks or crevices - whichever is the right term. I'd link the video I posted in Instagram so you can see it happening too. 

We were able to climb one while kuya took picture from the opposite rock.

Kuya was very conscious with the pictures he took stating that it's rare that tourists go to this part of Dingalan so he still doesn't know the best angles. Not bad naman, diba? :))

Be extra careful since sea urchins abound the area.

Batanes of the East may be their well-known spot. But hey, Matawe beach, though not like your Boracay's stretch of white fine sand, is very beautiful too! Plus, it's untouched... and free. :3

Soon, they showed us the Tidal Pool a.k.a Death Pool of Matawe.
If you're a good swimmer, you can but we didn't want to risk it since the wave current was strong. 

Above is what they call the Death Pool.

That part is deep and the water current is strong. 

Looking at it scares me enough already. I wouldn't dare swim in it. 

After the tidal pool, we walked back to the shore for the second item on our itinerary - the Tan-awan Falls.

Here below are my Instagram Videos from the beach and Batanes of the East:

A post shared by Tin Gallemaso (@xtintina) on

A post shared by Tin Gallemaso (@xtintina) on

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