Behold Bohol 2017: Balicasag Island Tour/ Snorkeling

After watching the dolphins, we headed to Balicasag Island to do snorkeling. As you can see in the picture above, you'd pay P 400.00/head for the snorkeling. Second day activity with the dolphins, Balicasag, and Virgin Island's kind of not budget friendly. hahaha!

Exhausted from waking up early, I fell asleep at the boat and the next thing I know, Balicasag Island is right in front of us. As you'd notice, it was a gloomy day so the sea was kind of rough. 

So upon registering, we road a paddle boat that took us to the snorkeling site. 

Like the one in Danjugan Island, there's a "cliff" at this snorkeling site too. Since the sea was rough, it's expected that the wave at this part is a bit rough as well which made snorkeling and free diving quite hard. :( Huhu. It was hard to swim around with current that strong especially when I can't even see what's below since it was really deep. 

Strong current concerns aside, it's a great snorkeling/scuba diving/free diving spot especially if you're brave enough to swim past the underwater cliff. 

It was so hard for me to have my photos taken HAHAHA

But underwater photo is underwater so whatever. :))

If you're doing this, please bring extra money for you have no choice but to eat at the island and it's kind of expensive. Wooo, bigat mo sa bulsa ha, Bohol tour. Nyahaha

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