Oh!ctober. I'm sOh! Oh!verwhelmed.

Anyare sa September?
Bakit bigla na lang siyang nawala? Kakasabi ko lang na gusto kong maging fruitful 'yung September ko eh pero parang wala. Ang bilis!! Anyway, I believe that October will be a lot better in all aspects of my life. Claim lang ng claim!! Huhubells. Claim lang ng claim!!!! (Ano pinaglalaban ko ba? haha)

Life has its special way of surprising people by making (good) things happen all at once. 

By the time you're reading this, I've already edited out the part where I wrote about that something which is supposed to be this month's highlight. It's so crazy how I spent weeks waiting for a news then a day after I decided to stop keeping my hopes up and to just do something else, the news arrived leaving me with no other choice but to "give-up" other things for it. Huhuhu. But it's not everytime that I'm torn about my decisions so I'm still being grateful and hopeful that nothing else goes wrong and nothing else adds to this heartbreak I am sort of experiencing now. Wag naman sabay-sabay please. Life, don't make me choose among the good things. Proper time management naman oh! Claim lang ng claim!!!! At ic-claim din na naka-spread out 'yung mac-claim pls. Ang hirap pag sabay-sabay.

Haaay. I've been uneasy since my mind is so preoccupied with needless worrying but I... huhuhu. Shems, lahat ng bagay kayang gawan ng paraan! huhuhuhu


Isang taon na simula nung nawalan kami ng kasambahay and it has been a year since I started washing plates after we eat, organizing my closet, etc. You see, even if I don't belong to an affluent family, we've had a maid to do household chores for us eversince we were young. But it's hard to trust anybody  these days so we decided that we are better off not having one. 

Those times when I am washing plates, I just couldn't help but think of all the days I spent doing nothing but eat and leave all the used plates in the table for another person to wash.

Buti na lang, change is constant and by undergoing these changes, you learn a thing or two. We all know that life's series of having and not having, of moving and not moving, of loving and hating (maisingit lang!). I failed to appreciate the comfort I had until I lost it. During the first months, kulang na lang pakainin ko sila sa dahon ng saging para lang wala akong hugasan but now I am more than glad to wash used dishes and kitchen utensils because of the fact that I CAN. Having the ability to do something is worth a celebration in itself, diba? K na lang. K. 'Yan, pero wag kang judgmental kasi baka sabihin mo ang babaw ko. May kanya-kanya naman tayong pinagdaanan kaya hayaan mo na e sa ito 'yung gusto kong sabihin. Ang sungit ko. Hahahaha.

Thing here is, we all have a person who makes our lives easier so now that it isn't late, be grateful to him/her.

When you have things to do (a lot of things to do), you appreciate your idle moments.
When you have nothing to do, you appreciate your busy days. 
Haaay, life. Wala ka na bang iko-komplikado?

 Whatever situation we're in, let's always remember to live our lives with gratitude.

Surprise me, October. :)
EDIT: Your suprise on your first day was a real shocker that I was kind of upset but I'm hoping for more, October. KERI!!! :)))

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